Kyle Lydick, the Quiet Guy with the Big Smile

21-year-old Kyle Lydick of Devore Heights died in a car accident on Sunday, February 13. Kyle attended Menlo College from 2008 to 2010, and he made many friends in that time. The following message was prepared by his peers at Menlo.

Kyle was a young man who brought joy to those around him. This was the consistent and overwhelming theme presented by his friends, peers, fellow athletes, and professors, as we gathered to reflect on his influence on our lives. As a member of our Menlo family, we recall the contributions of Kyle Lydick.

When on the field, he stayed at it, even when it “got tough” out there. He looked out for his pals, and put out a hand when needed. But what Kyle was distinctively known for was his great outlook on life—staying happy no matter what. With his paradoxically subtle yet colorful personality, he would quietly show up in purple (in his “Harry Potter” sweater), dress black (with a top hat), and yes, even in pink (as a flamingo)! This young man was the guy who seemed shy, but had a playful inner core that his friends adored. With “that smile” he was able to start the laughter, even before a word was said. As one friend shared, “He just brought a positive vibe to every room and every situation.”

Perhaps the mischief behind his smile was his gift to us. Kyle let us know that the secret of living a good life is by finding a bit of joy in each moment, and then sharing it with others.