Kyle Lubke Prepares for Deloitte

600x400-646-lubke-web When Kyle Lubke was finishing high school in Hamilton, Montana (population 4,348), he knew he was headed to a small college. Figuring he’d be a finance major, and he’d play golf, Menlo College offered him the perfect choice.

That was before he met Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance, Donna Little. Lubke recalled that at first he and his classmates assumed it would be smooth-sailing in her class, and they didn’t prepare like they should have. Quickly, they realized that there was no messing around in accounting class. After her resounding shakeup in a class where most of the students performed poorly on a quiz, the class got the picture. Everyone was expected to be the best they could be.

As Professor Little is known for doing, she also convinced Lubke to double-major in finance and accounting.

He interned twice, first at Boston Private, and then at Deloitte. Having been offered full-time employment after graduation, Lubke starts work at Deloitte early next year. He will be working in audits after he works on his CPA license in the spring.

Professor Little said, “It has been wonderful having Kyle on our campus. He is a double major in Accounting and Finance and a standout in both programs. His calm demeanor, great sense of humor, and absolute dependability have made him a leader in class and in student life. He is very well-liked and respected; when Kyle speaks, we all listen.

As an outstanding tutor in the Academic Success Center, Lubke has worked tirelessly to support students in their studies, not only in accounting, but in other subjects as well. At Deloitte, he will be working for one of the “Big 4” largest accounting firms in the world. Professor Little added that “Kyle will be greatly missed by all of us, but we are very excited about his future.”

Lubke, a stand-out Resident Assistant for two years, is also a tutor in accounting and finance. When asked about his experience at Menlo College, he noted, “Menlo College is great at offering students opportunities. They set you up to succeed.”