Joshua Szin Receives the 2016 Judge Russell Award

Joshua Szin Receives the 2016 Judge Russell Award

When you talk to Menlo College senior Joshua Szin, recipient of the 2016 Judge Russell Award, it’s apparent that he personifies the award’s intention to recognize leadership and service to Menlo’s business management program. Joshua, from Los Angeles is a double-major in accounting and sports management.

“It was like a bounty hunt,” he smiled, as he recalled how he decided on his focus of study. “For about a year, Professor Donna Little coaxed me to consider majoring in accounting. I’m thankful for her encouragement, because accounting is a solid base for anything.”

Joshua started Menlo College as a football quarterback. He switched to the position of receiver in his junior year. Nicknamed “old reliable” by his football coach, he was a player who strategized about football as though it were a game of chess.

When the football program ended at Menlo College in 2015, Joshua said, “As much as I wanted to continue my football career elsewhere, I knew that placing priority on finishing my degree at Menlo would be the best decision.” That included the opportunity to take a double major.

Joshua’s dream is to become an athletic director. “I want to work with high school or college student-athletes who have the same passion that I have for football. When presenting the Judge Russell Award to Joshua, Professor Janis Zaima noted “his willingness to help others.”

After graduating, he has been offered an accounting job at Deloitte in Southern California. His plans for the future include taking the Becker CPA course, and coaching football quarterbacks at his high school, St. Genevieve in Panorama City, California.