Honors Convocation 2010

The Menlo Community acknowledged students who excelled in their scholarship through awards presented at Honors Convocation, Friday, February 26, 2010.

KATHERINE FULP-ALLEN – Recipient of The Board of Trustees Award, Menlo College's Highest Honor

This award is given to a graduating senior. Through the outstanding demonstration of scholarship, leadership, and service, the individual who receives this award truly embodies the mission of the college. This year's recipient, Katherine Fulp-Allen, exemplifies the characteristics one envisions in a student athlete. In her four years at Menlo College she has amassed a 3.8 GPA on a four point scale while majoring in Finance, one of the most challenging disciplines offered. In her entire academic career she never received a grade lower than B, and that only rarely. In athletics she led the women's wrestling team and won her second Women's College Wrestling Association national championship in her weight class during her senior year. Katherine was also President of the Entrepreneurship Club and was instrumental in organizing the annual Business Plan Competition. Katherine Fulp-Allen is a scholar, an athlete, a leader, and a wonderful person all wrapped into one.

AWARDS for Outstanding Achievement

Deborah Black '10 received the Wall Street Journal Award from Professor Donna Little.

Latoya Haywood '10 received the Liberal Arts Award from Professor Mark Hager.

Shandara Gill '10 received the Mass Communication Award from Professor Doug Carroll.

Andrew Stevens '11 received the Don Jordan Award from Professor Jeremy Neill.

Mike Liguori '11 received the Al Jacobs Award from Lowell Pratt.

Paloma Robirosa '10 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award.

Kerilyn Yadao '10 received the Golden Oak Service Award from Professor Donna Little.

Deborah Bekowies '10 received the Collis Seere Award and Judge Russell Award from Coach Fred Guidici.

Gary Nelson '10 received the Menlo Spirit Award.

2010 Valedictorians

Ms. Jacquie Szalata '10

Jacquie graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and a concentration in Psychology. During the time she attended Menlo College she received all A grades. She worked as a research assistant with Dr. Leslie Sekerka in the Menlo College Ethics in Action Center andher research was accepted for the Undergraduate Research Poster Session at the 2010 California Cognitive Science Conference.

Ms. Deborah Black '10

Deborah graduated with a B.S. in Management and a concentration in Finance. In her time at Menlo College she received all A grades with the exception of one A-. One of Deborah's notable achievements was her summer internship in Australia in the area of Finance. She also served as the President of Alpha Chi honor society.

Edith Besze '10

Edith, a Professional Studies student, was born in Romania. She learned growing up under a communist regime that everything can be stripped away from you, but what you have learned and mastered is yours forever. With a family to raise, she achieved her dream through dedication, perservance, and confidence.

Outstanding Achievement

Brian Priestley '10 received the Collis Steer Award and the Richard F. O'Brien Award from Coach Fred Guidici and Academic Dean Dale Hockstra.

Angelica Adelman '11 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award from Dean Dale Hockstra.

Quynh Anh Nguyen '12 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award recipient from Provost Jim Kelly.

Eric Dawson '12 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award from Dean Dale Hockstra.

Kaimi Haina '13 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award from Provost Jim Kelly.

Brittany Ladion-Lucero '13 received the Richard F. O'Brien Award from Professor Marilyn Thomas.

Graduated with Honors

  • lham Aslani**
  • Deborah Bekowies***
  • Deborah Black***
  • Jefferson Bradshaw*
  • Mindy Chang**
  • Angelique Cuevas**
  • Heather Emmert***
  • Jeffery Freund*
  • Katherine Fulp-Allen**
  • Kierstin Gee**
  • Shandara Gill*
  • Nicholas Gohn**
  • Katelyn Guild**
  • Gleb Matsulevich*
  • Tom Nakayama**
  • Brian Priestley**
  • Paloma Robirosa**
  • Hilary Sluis**
  • Brittany Stankovic*
  • Jennifer Szalata***
  • Stephanie Willamson**
  • Angela Woerz*
  • Monica Yuan*

Cum Laude 3.5–3.69 GPA
** Magna CumLaude 3.7–3.98 GPA
*** Summa Cum Laude 3.99–4.0 GPA

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