Going Viral – Victor Calvo Sends Stats Soaring in Social Media

Victor Calvo

Victor Calvo is having fun with social media. A month ago, he wrote his first BuzzFeed article, “30 Reasons you should visit Guam.” The post went viral and received over 18,000 hits. That prompted him to try “24 Reasons Why You Should Choose Menlo College,” another BuzzFeed success that’s landing him a huge audience.

“Buzzfeed is a cool platform,” said Victor. “The average attention span of a human being dropped to 8 seconds in 2013 (according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.) Buzzfeed caters to a brief timespan with its simplicity, photos, graphics, and short text bullets.

Victor, a senior marketing major at Menlo College, works in the college’s admissions office, while at the same time he has an internship with Focus Product Design in Menlo Park. “When I created “24 Reasons Why You Should Choose Menlo College,” I thought about what I’d say if I were to give prospective students a tour of the campus. The 24 reasons for coming to Menlo College just fell into place.”

As for the future, Victor wants to stay in the SF Bay Area working in the travel marketing profession. Meanwhile, he has just returned from a trip that he will feature in his next Buzzfeed article, “Which is Better, Cancun or Vegas?”

After he attends the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego at the end of March, he hopes to conduct a workshop for students with an interest in social media marketing.