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Menlo College Rising Scholars Program

Program Highlights


Wednesday, August 26 – Friday, September 4, 2020

(New Student Orientation begins Sunday, September 6, 2020)


Registration is now closed.

Program Overview

Menlo College is pleased to offer the opportunity to apply to the Rising Scholars summer math and English bridge program for incoming first-year students; it is a ten-day online writing and quantitative skills program held preceding New Student Orientation for the fall semester. 

Participants will have the opportunity to arrive at Menlo and move into the residence halls early, work closely with first-year faculty, learn about campus resources, and begin the process of developing friendships with other incoming students.

Due to the evolving Covid-19 situation and current state of California restrictions on in-person classes at the college level, the upcoming fall semester at Menlo College will begin online only. As a result, we will now be shifting Rising Scholars to a fully online program, and we will be waiving the program fee, so you can participate at no charge.

The program focuses on collaborative learning through problem-solving and on reading and writing activities with minimal lecture content, allowing you to refresh quantitative reasoning, reading, and communication skills so that when the semester starts you can hit the ground running. 

Our virtual program will combine live sessions where we will learn and socialize together with asynchronous online activities and resources.

The Rising Scholars Program also provides students with the opportunity to retake math and English placement tests to become eligible to enroll in Math 101 and/or English 101.

Student Testimonials

Rising Scholar Esther Funez —  “Being able to participate in the Rising Scholars Program enabled me to find ways I needed to improve in both English and math. This program also assisted with my transition from high school to college–making the transition much smoother than I had anticipated.”

Rising Scholar Zidane Mili — “Menlo’s Rising Scholar Program benefited me significantly in regards to preparing me for the college coursework at Menlo College. When I was attending the program, they gave us math and English lectures as well as assignments that were graded. The work given at the program was very similar to the work given by my professors now which allows me to feel more confident.”


This program is made possible by a grant through the U.S. Department of Education. The online program will be offered free of charge.


If you have questions about the Rising Scholars program, contact Dr. Lisa Villarreal, Associate Director of Student Academic Support or Erik Bakke, Senior Director of Student Academic Support

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