‘Dream Job’ Career for Diane Ako BA ’92

On August 31st, Diane Ako '92 posted a joyous headline, “New Job, New Career! Yay!” on her Small Talk blog for the Honolulu-Star Advertiser.  The Halekulani Corporation, which owns and manages the world-renowned Halekulani and Waikiki Parc Hotel in Oahu, Hawaii, recently appointed Diane as Director of Public Relations. Ms. Ako, who assumed her new position on September 1, 2010, is responsible for directing all corporate, hotel and community media relations, overseeing communications for promotions and special events, as well as supporting marketing initiatives for Halekulani and Waikiki Parc Hotel properties. The announcement was made by Peter Shaindlin, Chief Operating Officer of Halekulani Corporation.

“Ms. Ako will be an invaluable asset to Halekulani Corporation,” said Mr. Shaindlin. “Her passion for the community and keen understanding of the local Hawaiian culture provide her with a deep understanding of what the Halekulani and Waikiki Parc Hotel provide in terms of experience and service excellence. Ms. Ako's extensive background as a journalist affords her the distinct skill set necessary to maintain and to further our brand legacy and heritage with true integrity and sincerity.”

Diane says her new job requires her to feel comfortable interacting with people from all walks of life, and recalls how she got early exposure to that while attending Menlo College, which she called “a microcosm of diverse, cosmopolitan cultures from across the globe, with classmates from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and so many parts of North and South America.”

“I really feel like I've won the lottery. It's a dream job, and I'm so excited for the chance to learn about the hospitality industry while working at one of the finest hotels in the world, for some of the best leaders in that field,” enthused Diane. “This is going to be amazing.”