Don’t just sit there, do something!

by Derrick Meyer '03, Marketing/Communication Professional

We all know this is a bleak economy and if you are unemployed you might still be in the starting gates waiting for interviews to happen. Don't wait for things to happen, make things happen for yourself. Is there a particular industry you are interested in? Use your network and find out if someone you know is connected with a person in the industry you want to break into. Have your contacts set up an informational interviews for you. You will get introduced into the industry and who knows, it might even lead to a job! I've set up a couple of informational interviews for new graduates and one of them led to a job. If it does not lead to job at least it was a good introduction to the industry and the person who interviewed you has now become a new contact of yours.

Another thing to do is to volunteer. Are you looking to break into the healthcare area? Volunteer at a hospital. You would be surprised how warm of a welcome you will get. Bring your strengths to the table and ask if you can volunteer your skills like marketing, communications, public relations, public speaking, PowerPoint expertise and so on. Being a volunteer keeps you on a regular schedule while you are searching for work and gets you out of the house which is always good for the soul. Volunteering also allows you to fill those gaps between jobs on your resume. It also a great way to answer the interview question which always comes up, “What have you been doing since you graduated or left your last job?” It's always nice to hear that the potential candidate wasn't just sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, but had the forethought to seek out opportunities even if it was on a volunteer basis.