“Cliff Falls” Author, Alumnus Meets Students

Cliff Shiepe '88, known as C.B. Shiepe, author of Cliff Falls, came back to Menlo College on March 2, 2011, after self-publishing his saga of personal redemption that may have begun and ended here on campus.

Later on in the evening, his engaging conversations with the students in the audience were riveting at times. While most book readings would feature an author talking about a book, Cliff presented something different. Students had the opportunity to hear a person talk about being an author. The Fireside Lounge was filled to the brim with over 50 students and some faculty.

The majority of the audience were males, and a good number of questions came from them. They asked questions covering the whole spectrum of the story, how he crafted it over the course of ten years, and his decision to self-publish. Overall, Cliff's personal message is one of listening to your passion, being entrepreneurial, do it yourself, believing in yourself… all those areas that students need to resonate in their hearts. As a Menlo alumnus, just out of school for a couple decades, his thoughts made a big impact with the students.

Recognizing the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” of Menlo Students

Cliff compared Menlo students with students from larger, more well-known institutions, and emphasized the “entrepreneurial spirit” that is a trademark of a Menlo education. The audience moved with him, as his body language encouraged interaction and questions. The evening that began as a chance to earn extra credit in class became an opportunity to identify within oneself the unique spirit that can use “eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel,” one of his many wise aphorisms.