Campus Renovations are Underway

Classroom Improvements

The renovation of Brawner Hall began Monday, June 27, and the building is now closed while improvements are made. Brawner will be getting new carpet, paint, rolling chairs in the classrooms, wireless network, and more. Rae Clemmons and her staff in OIT are also working on classroom technology upgrades.

Meantime, classrooms in Flo Mo that had tablet chairs will be converted to classrooms with tables and rolling chairs. Refurbishing of the classrooms and offices in Flo Mo (new carpet, paint, etc.) will take place over the winter break.

Offices Have Changed

President Kelly has moved into the President’s Office in the Administration Building. Diane Hand, President Kelly’s assistant, is now located in the office next to President Kelly. “We’re excited about the changes underway and look forward to welcoming you back to a ‘new’ Menlo in the fall,” said President James J. Kelly.

While the upgrades are in progress, others in the Office of Academic Affairs moved as well: Jim Woolever, Provost, is now located in the office in the Administration Building next to (and on the same side as) the Business Office. Dale Hockstra, Dean of Business and Academic Affairs, occupies the small conference room in the hallway next to President Kelly’s office. Ivana Izvonar, Data Assessment Coordinator, has temporary quarters in the Academic Success Center.

We will keep you posted on our progress!