Break through that Proposition!

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Did you know that California is planning to repeal $1.3 billion in tax cuts for large, multi-state corporations? Do you want to learn more about the propositions? Come join MCSGA's Election Education Party.

The Student Government Association (MCSGA) has never been busier. Their list of events, ranging from fun to informative and serious, keep on lengthening. One of their latest is the Election Education Party, which aims to familiarize the Menlo community with the latest propositions.

Dawn Yules, Senior Class President and the drive behind this party, explains her motivation in organizing the discussion, “It was to give insight and in no way tried to persuade people what way to vote.”

Dawn admits, “I've voted in the past, not understanding what the propositions meant.” Fortunately, last year, her neighbor invited Dawn to join a proposition discussion party and “it really helped me. I mean, it is difficult to figure it out on your own.”

Inspired by her neighbor, Dawn decides to host a similar event for the Menlo campus. She invites Peter Stahl, a political enthusiast but definitely not politically affiliated, to facilitate the discussion.

“We had politicians who offered to come, but they have an agenda and we should be able to put our mind together without their influence.” This is why Dawn insists on Peter, who has a non-partisan point of view.

If you missed the event and want to learn more about the propositions, visit Peter's website at

Or if you are tired of all this political talk, take a break with our Halloween Fashion Show.