Boosting Productivity through Managerial Accounting

Dr. Yi-Ching Kao joins our full-time faculty as an Assistant Professor of Accounting. She has taught at the University of Colorado – Denver, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and at the University of Texas at Dallas. Before then Dr. Kao was a software engineer at technology companies in California and Wisconsin. Her primary academic interests are in Managerial Accounting and Accounting Information Systems. Dr. Kao received her doctorate in Management Science (concentration in Accounting) from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her dissertation was the winner of the “Best Dissertation Award” by American Accounting Association. She received her master's degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and her bachelor's degree from National Taiwan University.

Yi-Ching is particularly interested in performance evaluation techniques and has applied them to conduct research in various industries such as public accounting, software production, electronic commerce and nonprofit sector. Menlo College attracts her for its small class size that enables quality teaching, as well as its dynamic and international business surroundings that nurture interesting research ideas. Forthcoming is her journal publication in Information and Management with Marcus Rothenberger and Luk van Wassenhove entitled, “Total Quality in Software Development: An Empirical Analysis of Quality Drivers and Benefits.”

“My primary interest is empirical research through extracting data from corporate accounting systems then evaluating the information. In Managerial Accounting, I try to apply statistical and economic tools, combining with my IT experience and accounting. I have worked with an international CPA firm and researched corporate data to analyze and evaluate work performance of professionals.” Such applied research can pinpoint productivity factors and generate implications for managers in both the private and public sectors. She plans to get out and make connections with corporations in the Bay Area to see if any of them are interested in performance evaluations.