Asian Club Rings in the Lunar New Year

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Lunar New Year from Menlo College's Asian Club! The students, who were far away from home and missed the festive air, decided to stage their own celebration.

If you had been to Chinatown in San Francisco these past few weeks, you would have been pushed and nudged by a mass of hurried shoppers. They were preparing for one of the biggest festivals in their traditional calendar, the Lunar New Year.

Menlo students who wanted to experience the food, the fireworks, and the tradition at a more relaxed pace were welcomed to join the Lunar New Year party organized by the Asian Club on Thursday, February 3.

A typical celebration, at its grandest, is a fusion of blazing fireworks, sumptuous feast, parades with drums, jangling gold decorations and laughter. The Menlo College version did not miss out on any of those elements, despite being held on a smaller scale. Sparklers were used in lieu of gigantic fireworks, traditional food and cakes were prepared by the club members themselves, red envelopes were chock-full of (chocolate) gold coins, and decorations were hung up for a fantastic photo-backdrop.

Check out the photo album, and you will see that everybody was laughing, jumping furiously around the sparklers, scampering for more food, and yelling “Happy New Year” in various Asian languages from Mandarin to Vietnamese.

It was truly the Lunar New Year at its best—both ecstatic and joyous, yet soothing and nostalgic for those students far away from home.