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Summer Session 2021

Looking to expand your education this summer and possibly accelerate your path to graduation? Menlo College is offering a slate of 18 different summer courses to help you achieve your goals. Take an advanced business course in your major or to explore one, sign up for a literature class to discover great stories and books, or deepen your expertise in psychology. Whatever your stage in your academic career, the Menlo Summer schedule has something for you. 


The courses we plan to offer, subject to sufficient enrollment and instructor availability, are as follows: 

Summer Term I
May 24 – June 18 (4-weeks)
Summer Term II
June 21 – August 6 (7-weeks)
MGT 327FIN 439
ACC 201PSY 309
MGT 305SMG 303
BSA 315SMGT 400
LIT 304MGT 317
PSY 411PSY 412
HUM 307FIN 320
LIT 301

Classes will meet either once or twice per week. Attendance will be required. Students who are working or in different time zones, must obtain permission from the instructor to make alternative arrangements (e.g. watch recording and complete additional requirements as determined by the instructor). Students must have video on during class, unless they obtain permission from the instructor to do otherwise. Students must also have reliable access to WiFi and a computer. 


Summer classes are 50% the price of usual Menlo courses, and students may qualify for financial aid and/or scholarships.


A minimum enrollment of 6 units is required to be eligible for summer financial aid. Please complete a summer financial aid application prior to registering for classes if you plan to use any available Pell grant, federal student loans, federal parent PLUS loan, California Grant, Veterans education benefits, or private loans. 


Your Academic Advisor is ready to help you select and register for summer classes. Please reach out to your advisor, or schedule an appointment via youcanbookme to discuss your summer selections and how summer classes may impact your graduation plan. 


We will be offering a flexible move-in and move-out dates for housing to better match when you need to be on campus. You will be billed weekly. Billing weeks are Sunday – Saturday. Weeks will not be prorated. Here are the modified rates for summer housing:

This pricing reflects a significant discount from our published rates, an accommodation we made in light of ongoing pandemic-related financial challenges.

Please note that previously-shared restrictions for room types as well as all quarantine and testing procedures are still in effect.

APPLY FOR SUMMER 2021 HOUSING by no later than APRIL 30, 2021 AT 9:00 AM PST.


If you have questions, please contact Director of Academic Affairs Operations Cindy McGrew at cmcgrew@menlo.edu.

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