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Returning from Study Abroad

How to adjust to being home again
Every day abroad offered a new challenge. Sometimes those challenges were related to language and cultural differences, your classes, relationships, and sometimes homesickness. Because you went through these experiences in another place, you may have made yourself another home. And it can be hard to leave that home.

When you come back to Menlo College, you’ll be a little different, but in a good way. Your relationships with your friends and family may have changed, but that’s ok, too.

You are required to meet once with Kelly, Assistant Director of Career Services and Study Abroad. This is an important part of re-acclimating to “home” and reflecting on your time abroad. What did you learn? What do you miss? Are there any new customs you learned that you want to incorporate into your life at Menlo College?

You can always meet with Kelly to discuss these questions at any time. Here are a few suggestions to get you started with the process of returning “home”…

… Stay connected with the people you’ve met abroad
Whether you became friends with locals, found a second family with your host family, or bonded with your classmates, keep up the conversation! Friendships that form through these experiences can last lifetimes. You’ll find that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to each other in months – after all, you may be 9 time zones apart! – these people will be happy to hear from you, and you from them.

… Connect with other Menlo students and share your experiences
Your fellow classmates have gone through similar experiences – bond together! Maybe you find someone else who started playing soccer while they were abroad too, and they miss kicking the ball around. Perhaps others want to continue learning Japanese.

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