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Study Abroad Application Deadlines

Our priority is to help you study abroad when and where it is best suited to meet your academic needs and professional aspirations. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to deadlines and plan ahead!

The Process:

  1. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the best options for you. You must do this in advance of the deadlines listed below. After your first meeting: 
    • Discuss course options with both the Study Abroad Advisor and your Academic Advisor;
    • Complete the Study Abroad Cost Sheet for each program of interest and send all completed sheets to the Financial Aid Office; 
    • Begin applying for scholarships. 
  2. Once you have selected a program based on your academic goals and graduation timeline, complete the Menlo College Study Abroad Application by meeting with your Academic Advisor and the Financial Aid Counselor. Turn this in to the Study Abroad Advisor by the date listed below. *
  3. Apply for your program of choice. *
  4. Once you have been admitted into your program, book your flight ticket!
  5. Work with the Study Abroad Advisor to complete a Course Transfer Approval form to submit to the Registrar to have your courses abroad pre-approved.
  6. Work through the visa application process for the country where you will be studying.
  7. Attend a pre-departure orientation at Menlo with the Study Abroad Advisor
    • Purchase health and travel insurance if it is not provided through your program; 
    • Plan accordingly for any medications or other health considerations; 
    • Enrol in STEP through the U.S. Department of State; 
    • Other tasks, as described through the orientation.
  8. You’re all set! Time to take off on your adventure!

*Note: Some programs have earlier application deadlines than Menlo’s. You can visit our providers’ websites (IFSA & CEA) to view the deadlines for specific programs. Remember: The earlier you start talking to your academic and study abroad advisors about studying abroad, the better!

Apply for Fall Semester Programs

March 15th: Menlo College Study Abroad Application due

Spring Semester Programs

October 10th: Menlo College Study Abroad Application due

Summer Programs

February 15th: Menlo College Study Abroad Application due

Winter break programs with GAV

First deposit due: September 15th

Menlo College

Menlo College