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Annika Steiber, Ph.D.

Dr. Steiber is the Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Menlo College. She has a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology. She has since 1993 focused on Management innovations and is currently conducting research, together with Chalmers University and single professors at Stanford and Berkeley University, on new management concepts and models for the Digital Age, as well as advising both large and smaller organizations on this matter. In addition, she has worked two years with professor David Teece at Berkeley Research Group focused on operationalized the concept “Dynamic Capabilities”. She also provides leadership programs to executives in both the private and public sector. Further, she is a known international keynote speaker in the field of management for entrepreneurship and innovation management in a Digital Age.

Dr. Steiber is the author of several award-winning research articles and four well- downloaded management books: “The Google Model-Management for Continuous Innovation” (Springer, 2014 and Vinnova 2014), “The Silicon Valley Model- Management for Entrepreneurship” (Springer, 2016 and Liber 2016), “Management for the Digital Age: Will China surpass Silicon Valley?” (Springer, 2017) and Metaverse- a handbook about AR and VR (2018). In 2015 she was personally invited by the president of Colombia to give a keynote speech on her first book, which also has been used by many as a handbook on management for entrepreneurship. In 2016 she was invited by the CEO of Haier, the world´s largest white goods company to have a discussion on her second book. That meeting led to new insights documented in her third management book.

Finally, Dr. Annika Steiber has over 18 years of executive management experience from both startups and larger companies in the private high-tech sector. She has started two companies herself and is currently the Founder and CEO of the Swedish company A.S. Management Insights, a company with the mission to develop thought leadership in the areas of Management for the Digital economy and Innovation. Dr. Steiber has, through her work in Sweden, Silicon Valley, and China, an extensive network.

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