Management Degree Program
(BS Management Information Systems Major)

Management Information Systems Degree Program

Organizations use computers for everything, yet the pace of technology innovation keeps increasing, leaving most organizations wondering how to use systems effectively. That’s where MIS comes in. An MIS professional understands both the business’ needs and how technology can meet those needs, and then creates systems that work. Our MIS program prepares students to become skilled at both business analysis and technology development through applied learning experiences.

Management Information Systems students complete the core curriculum in business (39 units) that is taken by all business students.  The core curriculum insures that all business majors have a solid understanding of the totality of the business enterprise.  The MIS option then consists of upper division courses in programming, telecommunications and networks, database systems and systems analysis.  An internship is the culmination of the program.  The program can be completed in four years of study.

In the MIS option students focus on the computer-based information systems used by an organization. The option does not attempt to train technical computer specialists. Rather it focuses on providing business majors with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective user of business information systems. Learning outcomes are:


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