Business Degree Program
(Entrepreneurship Option in Management Major, BS in Business)

Business Entrepreneurship Degree Program

Silicon Valley is known as the cradle of innovation. Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel and eBay, among others, all got their start here. If your goal is to launch your own business and perhaps follow in the footsteps of the above companies, our Entrepreneurship degree may be for you. You may end up as the next Bill Gates, or happily run your own custom furniture business, brewery, or consulting firm, as some of our graduates do.

Entrepreneurship students complete the core curriculum in business (39 units) that is taken by all business students.  The core curriculum insures that all business majors have a solid understanding of the totality of the business enterprise.  The entrepreneurship degree in the management major then consists of upper division courses in entrepreneurship and opportunity assessment, entrepreneurial finance, social capitalism, and other similar topics including an internship, that total 30 units.  The entrepreneurship degree concludes with a special version of the senior capstone in which an actual business is launched. The degree can be completed in four years of study.

In Entrepreneurship students learn about the challenges, issues and opportunities associated with launching a new business enterprise. A number of graduates go on to start their own businesses in a variety of fields. Specific learning outcomes for Entrepreneurship are:


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