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Preparing for Commencement

Caps, Gowns, and Hoods

Your graduation gown is a rental and must be returned, either using the packaging provided with your order or to the Campus Store immediately following the ceremony.  If the gown is not returned, a $250 charge will be added to your student account to cover the cost of replacement.

Honor Cords

Honors listed in the Commencement Program and announced on Commencement Day are considered Expected Honors only as they are based on your cumulative GPA as of the end of the Fall Semester.  If you are graduating with Expected Honors and will be attending virtually, honor cords will be sent to you via USPS. If you will be attending in person, honor cords will be available at check-in on Wunderlich Field.

Please note: Any honors listed in the Commencement Program and announced at Commencement are considered unofficial. Your diploma will reflect any official Academic Honors earned based on your final cumulative GPA, and may be different than Expected Honors referred to during Commencement exercises.

Honors are determined as follows:


On Commencement Day, our photographer, Doug Peck, will be taking photos of each graduate receiving their diploma.  Please contact him at photodpeck@aol.com to order copies.  More information can be found here.

Commencement Rehearsals

An in-person rehearsal will be held from 5 to 6 PM on Wednesday, May 12th. If you are not able to attend, a rehearsal video is being created and will be sent to all graduates.


Due to State and County restrictions that may be in place, the number of guests you may invite will be limited to two individuals. (Be sure to notify friends and family members that the ceremony will be live streamed this year!) Tickets will be distributed online, and seating will be designated for ticket holders. Only individuals with tickets will be able to attend. Security personnel will monitor the seating area. Please be aware that this is an outdoor ceremony. The day may be warm (seating in the shade is limited) or it may rain. The ceremony will be held outdoors, rain or shine.

Special Accommodations

We strive to accommodate participants or guests with special needs (such as a hearing impairment or physical disability). Please contact Linda Teutschel in the Office of the President at (650) 543-3744 or linda.teutschel@menlo.edu with questions or concerns.

Changing Your Mailing Address

All residents with a campus mailbox should notify important mail sources (family and friends, DMV, banks and insurance companies, etc.) of their new address. You will not be able to change your address with the US Postal Service, as your mail has been delivered to the College, not to you directly.

To ensure that you continue to receive vital pieces of mail, email your new mailing address to rick.edge@menlo.edu or complete the change of housing form. The campus post office will forward your mail for up to 3 months. However, magazines, newspapers and junk mail will not be forwarded.


Menlo College diplomas will list your name, degree, major, month and year of graduation, and any official Academic Honors. The diploma will not list your concentration. The name that will be printed on your diploma will be taken from your graduation petition.

Your diploma will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service to the address provided on your graduation petition. Please note that the process to verify graduation requirements, confer degrees and order diplomas can take several months, so choose your mailing address accordingly. If you specified that you will pick-up your diploma, you will receive a notice at the address provided on your graduation petition or a phone call when you diploma is available for pick-up. Your diploma will not be released if you have not returned your graduation gown to the Campus Store, or if you have any outstanding holds or financial obligations to Menlo College. If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please contact Patty Lev in the Office of Academic Advising at (650) 543-3845 or patty.lev@menlo.edu.

December and May Graduates
If you are cleared by the Business Office and have met all degree requirements, you will receive your diploma by the U.S. Postal Service (unless you are picking up your diploma) approximately twelve to fourteen weeks after Commencement.

August Graduates
If you are completing additional units during the summer at another institution, an official transcript must be received by the Office of the Registrar by September 2021.

First Destination Survey

All graduates must complete the Class of 2021 First Destination Survey. This survey collects important information regarding what students do after graduation, whether it be working full-time, pursuing a master’s degree, or taking a well-deserved break.

Prior Deadlines

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