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Rendanheyi: Learning and Applying Haier’s Model of Organizing

October 21, 22, 28, & 29, 2021

From people to business model innovation, Haier created and evolved a unique organizational model called Rendanheyi, which roughly means “Employee, Customer, Happiness.” 

In this 3 half-day (12h) online training course, Boundaryless-Platform Design Toolkit, in partnership with Haier Model Institute will offer a unique opportunity to get into the inner thinking, practices, and dynamics brought by the Rendanheyi and to explore a practical, market-proof approach for its adoption in other organizations beyond China. This course will make use of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Toolkit, a revolutionary set of Creative Commons licensed freely available design tools that the participants will be able to use when coming back to their company.

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Menlo College

Menlo College