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Math Center Tutors

Joerg Dittmer, MBA

Math Professional Tutor
Intensive Math Lab supporting MTH 100

Email: joerg.dittmer@menlo.edu


Peer Tutors

Alexandra Christoforatos

MTH 101

Hi! I’m a Junior, majoring in Accounting. I’m a member of the Women’s Wrestling Team, and a Resident Assistant for Kratt 1st Floor. I love to learn new things, hang out with people, laugh and have a good time. Outside of class, I enjoy outdoor activities, going out on the water, making arts and crafts, and playing with dogs. Academics can be tough, especially math, so stop by the Math Center and let’s work together to solve problems and make the world a better place!

Brenna Francisco

MTH 100, 101, 102

Taryne Hu

MTH 100, 101, 102, 251

Taryn Ichimura

MTH 100, 101, 102, 251, ACC 201

Christian Ingul

MTH 251

Alexandra Lundqvist

MTH 101

Giselle Martinez Collado

MTH 100, 101, 102, 251

Hi! I’m Giselle and I’m super excited to be tutoring in the Math Center this semester. Some of my interests include playing guitar, song-writing, swimming, and traveling. Even though I am a psychology major there is a special place in my heart for math. Math is all around us; it trains our minds to think in a more logical way, helping us solve everyday issues more reasonably. I strongly believe that everyone can be good at math, if you feel this is not the case for you, make an appointment with me!

Bailey Norman

MTH 101

Yuanyuan Shen (Ashley)

MTH 100, 101

Jeremiah Testa

MTH 100, 101, 102 ACC 201, 202, FIN 335

Ruinian Wang (Valeria)

MTH 100, 101, 102, 251

Zishen Yu (Alvin)

MTH100, 101, 102, 251, ACC 201

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