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The Menlo College “M” and Menlo’s 2017 Rebranding Campaign

M sign

You may have landed on this page after viewing the ten photographs of the September 28, 2017 installation of The Menlo College “M.” The photographs grace the south exterior wall of the sports pavilion on the Menlo College campus.

The “M” logo sculpture can be seen at the apex of the entrance corridor to the College’s main quad and is a culminating reflection of Menlo College’s 2017 rebranding campaign. On this page you will find more information about the rebranding campaign.

Installation of the M sign

Photography by Andrey Poliakov
Menlo College Web Marketing & Social Media Manager

For 90 years, Menlo College has been associated with the oaks growing on its campus. Menlo’s logo long reflected this association.

In 2017, Menlo College engaged in a rebranding campaign as part of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Menlo College.

The rebranding included new logos for the College and for Menlo Athletics.  The new logos were adopted in the spring of 2017.

The new logos are now on the website, our social media accounts, our uniforms and banners, our stationery and more.  At the time of the rebranding in 2017, the College issued a statement, which is presented below.

We believe the new look better reflects the Menlo of 2017, while still speaking to the heritage of a proud, 90-year-old institution.

Our design goal was to better match how we look to our values and to our community.  Trustees, faculty, staff, and students all contributed to the process, and informed the final design considerations of a look and feel that’s crisp, approachable, smart, connected, and spirited.  ‘Go Oaks’ was ringing in our ears throughout the process, as we wanted to ensure that our new branding captures the spirit of Menlo College as a place where potential is ignited.


The new identity takes many of the attributes of an oak tree: strength, endurance, success, stability, protection, and growth.  It infuses the oak tree’s attributes into a monogram M symbol. The boldness of the symbol conveys the majestic “rootedness” of the oak tree, while the refined and tapered nature of the M imparts sophistication and artistry. The visual split in the M adds dimension to the mark and shows the coming together of parts:  the scholar with the athlete, the art with the science of business, to create a whole.

Linked through the M letterform and color palette, the College-wide and athletic branding become closely aligned. The athletic brand takes the College M symbol and ignites it. While the College M shows strength through its mass, the athletic M shows strength through its movement. Shooting upward, the modern, shield-like symbol captures the speed, precision, and drive of Menlo College individual athletes and teams.

Menlo College

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