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Menlo College Logo

The Menlo College logo is comprised of two brand elements: a symbol and a wordmark. These elements can be used locked up or separately.

Logo lockups

Our logo has two standard lockups—horizontal and vertical—which are the graphical arrangements for the symbol and wordmark. These provide maximum flexibility across portrait and landscape formats, cobranding needs, etc.


Menlo College logo - Horizontal lockup
Menlo College logo - Vertical lockup

Clear space

It is important that the mark is surrounded by an area of clear space (expressed by x or 1/4 x) and is not obscured or crowded by other elements. More clear space is always preferred.

Menlo College logo - horizontal lockup - clear space
Horizontal lockup
Vertical lockup

Logo color variations

Menlo College logo elements and lockups are available in three positive color variations (full color, blue, and black), and a single reverse option (white).

Use the grid to select the logo that best suits your design needs and would provide the best brand impression.

Menlo College logo color variations


Menlo College

Menlo College