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Brand Guidelines

The Menlo College Identity Guide is a guideline to how Menlo College represents itself visually to the community and to the general public. This information is included so departments, vendors, and designers maintain consistent, precise production of the campus marks and graphics. The goal is to create one cohesive visual style among all departments and across all applications.


Even though we refer to the College in conversation by its more colloquial and shortened “Menlo,” in our branding and in writing we are always Menlo College.

Abbreviated Name

The secondary nickname for the College is Menlo. Because of the College’s proximity to Menlo Park and Menlo School, using the nickname could be confusing, even if it is used on material intended for an audience that is highly familiar with the College. To maintain clarity, the full name should be used.


Menlo College logoThe Menlo College logo is comprised of two brand elements: a symbol and a wordmark. These elements can be used locked up, or they can be used separately.

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Menlo College colorsThe Menlo College color palette consists of Menlo Blue, Menlo Gray, and the use of white space to unify designs across a wide variety of applications.

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Menlo College fonts

Typography is a strong element in Menlo College’s visual vocabulary. When used consistently, it will contribute to a unified appearance across all media and materials.

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Menlo College

Menlo College