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Board of Trustees Committees

Academic & Student Affairs Committee Charter

The Academic & Student Affairs Committee (A&SA) oversees the quality of the College’s academic programs and curriculum through the review of programs and personnel policies integral to fulfilling the academic mission. The purview of this committee also extends to the social, moral, and leadership development of Menlo College students. Areas of focus include residential, social, cultural, community service and athletic activities, and the general physical and psychological well-being of students.

To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Audit Committee Charter

The Audit Committee (AC) oversees accounting policies and procedures to ensure that the College’s financial statements present fairly and accurately the financial status of the College, and to make all trustees aware of issues that relate to their role as College fiduciaries. The AC provides oversight of the College’s internal controls and standards of conduct. Finally, the committee is responsible for the periodic assessment of the qualifications and independence of the College’s external auditors.

To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Building & Grounds Committee Charter

The purpose of the Building & Grounds Committee (B&G) is to establish priorities and recommend the allocation of resources necessary to protect, preserve and, where appropriate, expand the College’s physical assets, including buildings, grounds, and other properties; this mission extends to overseeing joint assets that are co-owned and/or co-operated by Menlo College and Menlo School.

The Governance Committee executes the responsibilities of the Building & Grounds Committee. To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Development Committee Charter

The Development Committee (DC) is responsible for ensuring the operation of a vigorous and appropriate fundraising program for the College. In conjunction with management, the DC oversees policies and procedures to ensure the effectiveness of the College’s fundraising and alumni relations programs. Committee members are expected to engage actively in all aspects of fund-raising, including solicitation of funds.

The management team member responsible for supporting the Development Committee is Laura Koo. To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Executive Committee Charter

The mission of the Executive Committee is to strengthen the performance of the Office of the President by helping it function efficiently and effectively. The Executive Committee accomplishes this mission through the provision of advice and guidance for executive-level Office of the President decision-making.

To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Finance Committee Charter

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee (FC) fall into two broad areas: (1) overseeing current financial operations and results; and (2) ensuring that a viable long-range financial plan is in place or is being developed. The FC provides oversight of the institution’s financial practices and management. Specifically, it is responsible for reviewing and understanding financial statements; assuring the board that the statements reflect the institution’s financial condition; and determining the adequacy of internal controls surrounding financial information systems.

To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Governance Committee Charter

The Governance Committee (GC) assures that the Board of Trustees provides effective governance for the College. The primary means for the GC to exercise its overarching responsibility are the Bylaws and handbooks of the College, membership, and the structure and membership of the Board committees. The GC regularly reviews the Bylaws for ongoing relevancy; determines a desirable profile for the membership of the Board; evaluates prospective Trustee candidates and recommends them to the Board for approval; orients new Trustees; provides continuing education and development for Trustees on governance matters; evaluates the performance of the Board and of individual Trustees; and considers policies and activities with respect to Emeritus members of the Board.

The management team member responsible for supporting the Governance Committee is Steven Weiner. To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

Investment Committee Charter

The purpose of the Investment Committee (IC) is to maintain the prudent and effective investment of the endowment, formulate investment policies, and oversee management of the endowment. The IC is responsible for the endowment, planned gift annuities and life income funds, and other investment assets of the institution. The committee establishes the investment policy and, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, spending policy.

To contact the Committee, send an email to BOT@Menlo.edu.

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