A Visit to the Golub Group

The Menlo College Finance and Investment Club recently visited the Golub Group, LLC, a San Mateo investment group, for lunch and a discussion about investing. The Golub Group offers its institutional grade investment management to high net worth individuals, investment advisors, foundations and select institutional investors. Their speakers included David Ogburn, Principal and Timothy Rich, CFA Portfolio Manager / Research Analyst.

After the visit, Finance and Accounting major Marc LeBoeuf 14' said, “Our visit to the Golub Group gave us a great opportunity to see what a low risk investment group is about and what it takes to start something like that. Their group has been conservative for a very long time! Low risk diversification is for conservation of capital. Investors who have accumulated a lifetime of savings don't want high risk because their earnings are the result of a lifetime of work! I am young and enthusiastic, so I don't mind watching the market every day and I frequently trade. I'm in the heart of it. However, we all have different strategies in the Menlo College Finance and Investment Club. There is no right or wrong in investing. What you decide is how you should invest.”

Founded by Michael Golub

Michael Golub, founder of the Golub Group has written, “Using the analogy of an airline pilot, none of us wants a creative genius or a risk taker at the controls. We want a disciplined, well-trained, and consistent professional so that we know we will arrive at our destination. This is what we want for our money manager. We want to know we will arrive successfully at our destination—the creation of significant wealth.”

Dr. Soumendra De, Professor of Finance, Dr. Jan Jindra, Assistant Professor of Finance, and Dr. Pejmon Sadri, Assistant Professor of Mathematics accompanied the students on the trip which, in addition to the Golub Group, included a stop at the San Francisco Federal Reserve.

“The field trip to the The Golub Group was an eye-opening experience for the students,” said Dr. Soumendra De. “Students saw what professionals actually do in the real world. My colleagues and I felt vindicated to a degree when many of them glanced at us and seemed to say, ‘well, we have heard about that in class before'! The staff at Golub extended a warm welcome and expressed a keen desire to open up new vistas for collaboration in the future. Opportunities such as these add a new dimension to student learning beyond the classroom.”

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