A Tribute to Dorothy Skala at OAKtoberFest

A Tribute to Dorothy Skala at OAKtoberFest

At Menlo College’s OAKtoberFest celebration, you might have noticed several alumni on their knees paying their respects to Dorothy Skala, an 89-year-old icon of Menlo College. Dorothy, a retired staff member who worked at Menlo College for over 50 years, attended OAKtoberFest accompanied by her son Corey and daughter Pat. As she entered the tent, Dorothy Skala was surrounded by a crowd of alumni, including many players in the Carlos López Memorial Soccer Tournament.

“She made me get down on my knees to say hello,” teased President Richard A. Moran at a special tribute to Skala. “There are probably several fathers of Menlo College, including Judge Russell and Carlos Lopez, but there’s only one mother of Menlo College, and that is Dorothy Skala.”

Dorothy Skala started at Menlo College in 1957, which President Moran termed as a “very good thing for the College.”

She started out as file clerk, quickly became Judge Russell’s secretary, advanced to the position of assistant, and began “sorting out the alumni correspondence” for Russell in the 1970s. After decades of work with the alumni, she was named an honorary alumnus in 1996, and she was appointed Director of Alumni Relations Emerita in 2008.

Dorothy Skala’s wry sense of humor and her ability to remember the details of stories about the college and alumni have charmed her fans throughout the years. Her birthday tribute at OAKtoberFest was a delight for her colleagues and the many visitors who made the OAKtoberFest pilgrimage from great distances especially to see her. If we had to guess from the smiles and laughter, Dorothy had a good time too.