2016 Faculty, Staff, Friends, Alumni, and Student Art Exhibition

2016 Faculty, Staff, Friends, Alumni, and Student Art Exhibition

The Menlo College Art Committee is pleased to announce the 2016 Faculty, Staff, Friends, Alumni, and Student Art Exhibition. This annual exhibition gives the Menlo College community a chance to exhibit their recent art work. The reception is Thursday, 15 September at 5:00 p.m. in the rose garden in front of the Administration Building (the main hallway of the Admin Building is where the works are on display). Most of the artists will be present at the reception, and it is a good chance to chat with them about their work. We would particularly like to welcome visitors from surrounding communities who may not have had a chance to see an exhibition on campus.

This year the exhibition includes a vibrant selection of photographs, digital prints, paintings, textiles, sculptural wall hangings, and a variety of two-dimensional, mixed-media works.

Artists include Terri Givens, Judy Wasmann, Lowell Pratt, Lynne Auld, Nadine Zellner, Jodie Austin, Tricia Soto, Calvin Choi, Michael Pauker, Kristian Hagen, Ryan McJunkin, Felicia Ann, Peggy Crovetto, Mario Navasero, Chaves, David Polka, and Erik Bakke.

We are also pleased to include works from some artists of the Faultline Art Space in Oakland. Oakland has long had a strong community of artists, and it has become a destination not just for artists looking for affordable studios outside of San Francisco but also for creative practitioners of all sorts looking to join a thriving arts community. Faultline Art Space is a collection of professional artists’ studios and workshops and also houses its own art gallery.

Please come to the reception; food and drink will be served. If you cannot make the reception please drop by Monday through Friday during the course of the fall semester. If you have questions about the exhibition please contact Erik Bakke: erik.bakke@menlo.edu.