Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The mission of the Student Affairs Office is to provide opportunities for our students to develop their full potential for leadership and academic success, and to complement their overall educational experience.

The Student Affairs staff offers support and guidance to students, so that they have a rewarding college experience through co-curricular programs that are created in collaboration with Academic Affairs.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and in close proximity to the cultural diversity of the Bay Area, our students have an opportunity to explore, learn and collaborate with community members to develop their potential as leaders.

Menlo’s student life reflects the diversity and creativity of the students in our community. With two-thirds of our students living on campus, the Menlo advantage is about much more than what happens in the classroom; it’s about developing your leadership skills through clubs and organizations, developing meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and fellow students and recognizing your social responsibility through community service programs.

At Menlo, students are encouraged to get involved, to expand their horizons and to define their place in the community. It’s a place where you are encouraged to create the community you want to live in, to be responsible for your actions and to care about others.


Student Affairs Office
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