Total Immersion: Being a Student Athlete

Nearly half of Menlo College's students compete in an intercollegiate sport, so being a student-athlete here is just, well, normal. With 13 varsity NAIA programs and a strong ethic of sportsmanship, academic excellence and athletic excellence, Menlo College is a great place to be a student athlete.

Part of the Family

As a Menlo College student-athlete, you are a full member of the Menlo family. You aren’t hidden away in a separate dorm, and you are able to participate fully in classroom and campus life.

Menlo College provided the perfect opportunity for me to pursue a collegiate basketball career while obtaining a B.S. in Business Management/Finance. With Menlo being a small school with a large percentage of student athletes, the campus-wide support has been tremendous.

-Julian Harris ’11

Student and Athlete

At Menlo College, student-athletes are 100 percent student and 100 percent athlete. We have high expectations, so we offer strong support, such as mentors, tutors, and on-the-road study halls. But we expect you to be responsible for seeking help when you need it.

Leaders Who Serve

Do you want to develop your leadership skills in addition to your athletic skills? If so, Menlo may be the ideal place for you. Our coaches teach athletes to compete with integrity and sportsmanship, act responsibly and take on leadership roles in their teams, in the classroom, on campus and in the community.

Varsity Programs


  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling


  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling (WCWA)


  • Competitive Cheer

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