The Retreat

The highlight of Menlo orientation is the overnight retreat at Walker Creek Ranch. This is the part of orientation that is guaranteed to make all your friends back home very jealous.

The Goal

To meet as many other students as possible. And have a blast!

The Ranch

Walker Creek Ranch is a scenic, secluded hideaway in West Marin County, north of San Francisco and just 75 miles from campus. The retreat – at no cost to students – includes transportation, food and lodging. Lodging is in cabins with bunk beds; bathrooms are centrally located. The food … mmm, see below.

The Food!

The grub is delicious: fresh, organic or regionally grown produce and tasty homemade meals. Vegetarian meals will be available, and any items containing pork will be marked.

The Plan

Hiking, swimming, canoeing and challenge courses. Nature walks led by naturalists. Activities with faculty, staff and our awesome student leaders. Hanging out with all your fellow first-time students. Learning how to make college both fun and successful. Having-a-wonderful-time, wish-you-were-here stuff.

In other words, something to write home about.

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