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Student Account Management

Medical Insurance

Students are required to have medical coverage for in-patient care and catastrophic illness and injury.  Medical coverage is currently provided by Summit America. Students attending Menlo College are automatically enrolled and billed for the cost of coverage unless waived by the student.  Students who already have their own insurance coverage through private or employer-sponsored plans can waive the insurance requirement by clicking the link below.

Athletes will be required to have additional athletic coverage equal to or have the school major insurance billed to their student account.

Installment Plan

The Business Office is dedicated to the success of all Menlo students.  Students who have financial difficulty and wish to participate in installment payment plan should complete the form below and visit the Business Office as soon as possible.  Payment plans are scheduled for 5 payments with the 1st payment due on July 15th for Fall Semester and December 15th for Spring Semester.  The 5th payment (final payment) is due on the 1st of November for Fall Semester and April 1st for Spring Semester.  Late Fees are assessed if payment is not paid by the due date. 

Student Tax Reporting

Financial Aid


For the convenience of Menlo students, several Business Office Forms are available for download.  These forms are either in pdf or word formats.

Student Tax Reporting

Purpose of the Form 1098-T

The IRS requires Menlo College to issue Form 1098-T, Tuition Payments Statement, to each student by January 31. The Form 1098-T is an information tax document to aid taxpayers (parents and students) in determining whether they are eligible to claim a tax deduction or one of the education tax credits.  For more information follow link to and enter 1098T in the search field.
Social Security Number

What if I did not receive a 1098-T form? 

  • If you have already provided your social security number to Menlo College, please contact the Business Office at (650) 543-3781 or email
  • If you have not provided your social security number to Menlo College, please complete the W-9S form below and provide it to the Office of the Registrar. 

For questions on where the 1098-T form was sent, or questions on information reported on the 1098-T, please contact the Business Office at (650) 543-3781.  Do not contact the Office of the Registrar or Office of Financial Aid.  For tax related questions, please contact a qualified tax preparer.  

For more information, see Pub. 970, Tax Benefits for Education. and search publication 970 (tax benefit for education)

Business Office

Paula Scalia
Student Account Manager
Phone: 650.543.3781
Fax:  650.543.4117