Freshmen Parking Policy

Menlo College students residing in campus housing are not permitted to bring cars to campus for the duration of their freshman year (fall and spring semesters). This restriction is consistent with the fact that freshmen are required to live in residence halls with board plans. As well, freshmen are particularly well supported by a wide array of special social activities in their residence halls and elsewhere on campus.

Our policy reflects our goals to reduce the number of cars on campus, strengthen the variety and number of social activities available to students, and offer alternate methods of transportation. Limiting parking privileges to upperclassmen and non-traditional or commuter students affords residential freshmen with more opportunities to focus on academics and integrate themselves into the campus community by encouraging them to take full advantage of the on-campus social activities designed with their needs and interests in mind.

We realize that freshmen students will want to take advantage of the many activities available off-campus as well. While no resources can truly match the convenience of a private car, a number of alternative solutions to help freshmen get off campus for social, public service, and other discretionary purposes have been created and are outlined in our description of alternative transportation options.

We ask that students comply with the spirit of this policy by not bringing cars to campus with the expectation that they can be parked on the streets or public areas of our neighboring communities. Menlo College works with its neighbors to reduce traffic flow and parking in nearby off-campus neighborhoods, and students are expected to help the college be a good neighbor.


Students who can demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship under this policy can apply for a waiver. Waivers will be reviewed by the Menlo College Parking Committee, and will be kept to an absolute minimum. Information on waivers can be obtained by contacting campus security.  Please note that waiver requests must be approved prior to bringing the vehicle to campus.

Falsifying information

Freshmen who obtain a parking permit by providing falsified information, as well as anyone who attempts to purchase a permit for a freshman, will have parking privileges revoked and may face judicial action.