Campus Watch Program

The campus watch program, based on the concept of neighborhood watch programs, is a concerted effort to inform the Menlo College community of measures that can be taken to provide a safer and more secure environment. The aim of the program is for each member of the community to act as an extension of the Office of Security by serving as an observer and reporter. Campus Watch calls upon members of the Menlo community to step forward and assist in building a safer campus and community for all.

To maximize safety on campus, the Menlo College Community should be alert to

  • Someone calling for help
  • Someone looking into windows or parked cars, or otherwise acting suspiciously
  • Unusual noises
  • Property being removed from closed student rooms or classrooms
  • Cars, vans or trucks moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights on when dark
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle
  • A stranger sitting in a car for extended periods of time or talking to a child
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Unusual activity in your area

Campus Crime Report