Operations and Facilities

We provide repair and maintenance services to all College buildings and utility distribution to the campus and manage all contract maintenance and utility improvement activities


Building & Equipment Maintenance

Air conditioning, carpentry, electrical, elevators, food service equipment, heating and ventilation, keys, locks, doors, painting, flooring, plumbing, roofing, windows, glass, blinds

Grounds Maintenance

Care of existing landscape areas, upgrades and improvements, upkeep and care of outdoor athletic facilities.


Daily maintenance of residence hall restrooms and common areas, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and cleaning of classrooms, office areas and student activity areas.

Utilities Services

Temperature/climate control, electric power, natural gas, sanitary and storm sewers, water, waste disposal and recycling.

College Services

Moving, furniture and equipment, conference and event set-up, environmental health & safety


Director of Facilities, Facilities Supervisors, Facilities Technicians, Facilities Labor, Custodial, Grounds, and Project Management


The following priorities assure that needs are addressed in an order that will serve the best interests of the College, its faculty, staff, and students:

Safety and Health: Urgent needs to protect personal well-being and property.

Student Services: Repairs required that are detrimental to student life or the educational mission of the College

Corrective Maintenance: Utility or equipment failures, and facilities damage.

Planned Maintenance: Scheduled repairs and replacements.

Routine Maintenance: Repairing minor defects.

Projects: Planned activities to replace or improve existing facilities and equipment.

How to get in touch with us

Facilities Emergencies, such as unsafe campus conditions, room temperature calls, no electrical power or lighting, spills or smells, bathroom malfunctions, flooding, fire alarms, should be reported to Campus Security 650.400.5837 all hours.

On campus please call Security 650.400.5837 all hours.

Routine repairs and services

Complete an online Facilities Work Request