Database and ERP Administrator

Reports to: Chief Information Officer 

Responsibility Summary

The Database and ERP Administrator is responsible for management of our central administrative systems.    This includes our central ERP, Jenzabar EX, which is based largely on Microsoft SQL Server.  Systems that connect to this system, which include financial aid software (Powerfaids), meal cards (CBORD Odyssey), and recruiting (Jenzabar Recruitment Manager) are also under the purview of this position.  This involves maintenance, upgrades, and optimization of the interconnectivity between systems.  The Database and ERP Administrator is also responsible for generating reports from the ERP as needed by various departments on campus.  Finally, the Administrator is tasked with seeking ways to streamline our processes related to our database operations.  For example, the aforementioned optimization of systems interconnectivity or automation of report-generation.  The Administrator works closely with the entire Office of Information Technology (OIT) team, and especially with the Systems Manager and the Business Operations Manager.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Main contact with ERP and other administrative systems vendors
    • Proactive engagement with development and support teams
    • Identify problems or issues before they arise through regular communications
  2. ERP Administration
    • Maintenance and upkeep of ERP
    • Coordinating regular upgrades of ERP, considering the timing needs of various departments
    • Deploying ERP client to appropriate users and managing overall access
    • Developing and maintaining best practices for ERP access, use, and maintenance
  3. ERP and Administrative Systems Integration
    • Configuring modules from ERP vendor as needed
    • Integrating ERP with ancillary systems such as financial aid and dining service systems
    • Ongoing maintenance of integration methods (vendor-provided scripts, custom scripts, etc)
    • Modification of integration methods as tools and needs change
    • Optimization of integration methods and scripts
    • Documentation of all customizations and modifications
  4. General Database Administration and Server Maintenance
    • Management of all other databases used by OIT
    • Oversight on database environment used by OIT
    • General server maintenance (BIOS updates, software patches) in coordination with Systems Manager to ensure proper operation of databases
    • General engagement with integrity of databases, implementing sound backup solutions, and ensuring long-term continuity
  5. Consultation with Other Departments
    • Working with other departments to identify needs and provide solutions

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Demonstrated history of strong communication and project management skills
  3. At least 3 years’ experience in Microsoft SQL Server database administration
  4. Demonstrated history of problem-solving
  5. Skills as both development and production database administrator
  6. Familiarity with ERP systems (especially Jenzabar EX) preferred