Introducing Intromaps, an Online Alumni Directory

  • View and search for members of the Menlo community by name, year, location, or profession
  • Find alums visually on a map based on your location
  • Connect your Linkedin account for business connections
  • Post jobs, events and class notes all in one place
  • Find a mentor, or mentee 

IntroMaps, a new web service provides access to a Menlo College Visual Alumni directory through proximity and personalized contacts. You can be a part of our alumni network, which is displayed on a giant global online map and integrated with each member’s existing LinkedIn profile.

Custom content can be posted, tracked and mapped by any member of the organization. Members can post jobs, events, volunteer opportunities, and mentorships.


Melissa Blankenship, from Seattle, WA graduated in 1992. She is trying to contact alumni in the Pacific Northwest to attend Menlo College events, build a regional alumni chapter, and help promote Menlo, the place they once called home. She is excited to be able to connect with those she has not seen in almost 20 years.

Think of your global networking possibilities!

  1. If you have not received notifications, please send the email that you want to be registered under to
  2. To connect, go to and click on register. 
  3. Set personal privacy settings.