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GSAC Student Athletes Take Part In Operation Christmas Child

Student-athletes from across the Golden State Athletic Conference took part in Operation Christmas Child this month. Students packed over 500 gift-filled shoeboxes that will be delivered to needy children around the world. Teams worked together to gather toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and notes of encouragement. This is the second year the GSAC has been […]

Two-Star Admiral Kenneth AKA“Viper” Pettigrew asked Menlo College Students, “Do You Have the Right Stuff?”

“Do You Have the Right Stuff? was keynote speaker retired Admiral Pete Pettigrew’s topic at 2015 Menlo Connect Day. Pettigrew, a former Navy aviator, Vietnam war veteran, and Top Gun instructor, served as a technical advisor on the top grossing film “Top Gun.” A Vietnam vet with over 375 combat missions, Admiral Pettigrew downed the […]

Menlo College Trustee Andy Cunningham Among Women of Influence Who Exerted Their Indomitable Will Around Steve Jobs

On the evening of November 2, 2015, Katie Hafner moderated a panel that included Menlo College Trustee Andy Cunningham and other early Apple employees Barbara Koalkin Barza, Susan Barnes, Debi Coleman, and Joanna Hoffman. SAP Labs was the venue for the discussion on “Limitless Leadership: Lessons Learned From The Powerful Women Who Worked With Steve […]

Menlo College Students Prep Marketing for Startup Chef Koochooloo

By Enrique Guzman-Alvarez, 2015 Intern Chef Koochooloo is an international educational app that guides kids and their parents on international culinary journeys while enhancing math, science, and geography skills. At the same time, the experience raises awareness about worldwide causes that affect kids. The platform includes an after-school program, as well as a complimentary iPad […]

Students Design a New Campus Store for Menlo College

“The renovation for the Menlo College Campus Store started when Professor Deborah McCabe asked if she could use the store as a subject for a marketing class project during the summer of 2014,” recalled Campus Store manager Charlene Krakowsky. McCabe assigned projects to two marketing classes to improve and advertise the store. The students ran […]

Steven Lee Myers Discusses The New Tsar at Menlo College

Steven Lee Myers, a 26-year veteran of The New York Times, will be on the Menlo College Campus on Tuesday, November 3 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. to discuss his biography of Vladimir Putin–The New Tsar, published by Alfred A. Knopf Books in September 2015. The presentation will allow for a Q & A about Myers’ extensive experience […]

A Tribute to Dorothy Skala at OAKtoberFest

At Menlo College’s OAKtoberFest celebration, you might have noticed several alumni on their knees paying their respects to Dorothy Skala, an 89-year-old icon of Menlo College. Dorothy, a retired staff member who worked at Menlo College for over 50 years, attended OAKtoberFest accompanied by her son Corey and daughter Pat. As she entered the tent, […]

President Richard A. Moran Addresses Menlo College at OAKtoberFest

At an early morning breakfast on the Menlo College Quad, President Richard A. Moran welcomed the audience to the festivities at OAKtoberFest, a family and alumni weekend at Menlo College. He described the two-day event as “a celebration of all that is good at Menlo College.” The president recalled that every day he hears from […]