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HUM 282: Memoir Writing

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Some Memoirs in Bowman Library’s Collection

Adventure/Travel Memoirs

Dana, Richard Henry. Two Years Before the Mast. G540.D2 1964 v.1 and v. 2

Dinesen, Isak. Out of Africa. DT434.E2 B6 1952

Durrell, Gerald. My Family and Other Animals. QH151 .D8 1980

Durrell, Lawrence. Bitter Lemons. DS54.8.D8

Durrell, Lawrence. Prospero's Cell: and Reflections on a Marine Venus. DF901.C7 D82 1962

Edwards, Steve. Breaking into the Backcountry. PS3605.D89855 Z46 2010 (Popular Literature Collection)

Fisher, M.F.K. Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon. TX649.F5 A3 1991

Fontaine, Claire and Mia. Have Mother, Will Travel: A Mother and Daughter Discover Themselves, Each Other, and the World. CT275.F6585 A3 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia. G154.5.G55 A3 2007 (Popular Literature Collection)

Gopnik, Adam. Paris to the Moon. DC718.A44 G67 2000

Greenlaw, Linda. The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey. SH691.S8 G689 1999 (Popular Literature Collection)

Griest, Stephanie Elizondo. Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana. PN4874.G747 A3 2004 (Popular Literature Collection)

Griest, Stephanie Elizondo. Mexican Enough: My Life Between the Borderlines. PN4874.G747 A3 2008 (Popular Literature Collection)

Guevara, Ernesto. The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey. F2224 .G7813 2003 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hessler, Peter. Country Driving: A Journey Through China From Farm to Factory. DS712 .H457 2010

Hessler, Peter. River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze. DS796.F855 H47 2001

Heyerdahl, Thor. Kon-Tiki. G530.H463 1950a

Houston, Pam. A Little More About Me. PS3558.O8725 Z468 1999

Iyer, Pico. Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World. G465 .I94 1994

Iyer, Pico. The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home. G530.I97 I97 2001

Iyer, Pico. Sun After Dark: Flights Into the Foreign. G465 .I95 2005

Lawrence, Sarahlee. River House: A Memoir. GV780 .L39 2010 (Popular Literature Collection)

Markham, Beryl. West With the Night. TL540.M345 A3 1983

McPhee, John. Coming into the Country. F910 .M29 1977

Moxley, Mitch. Apologies to My Censor: The High and Low Adventures of a Foreigner in China. DS731.C35 M69 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Nathan, John. Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere: A Memoir. DS834.9.N36 A3 2008

Newby, Eric. A Short Walk: A Preposterous Adventure. DS374.H5 N47 1959

Newby, Eric. Slowly Down the Ganges. DS485.G25 N4 1967

Paul, Alan. Big in China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Becoming a Star in Beijing. PN4874.P358 A3 2011 (Popular Literature Collection)

Poole, Joyce. Coming of Age With Elephants: A Memoir. QL31.P68 A3 1996

Rackley, Adam. Salt, Sweat, Tears: The Men Who Rowed the Oceans. GV790.9.R34 2014 (Popular Literature Collection)

Shukert, Rachel. Eveything Is Going to Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour. PS3619.H845 Z46 2010 (Popular Literature Collection)

Strayed, Cheryl. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. PS3619.T744 Z46 2013b (Popular Literature Collection)

Theroux, Paul. The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas. E27.2 .T47

Celebrity Memoirs

Alda, Alan. Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I've Learned. PN2287.A45 A3 2005

Bush, Laura. Spoken From the Heart. E904.B87 A3 2010

Fiorina, Carly. Tough Choices: A Memoir. HD6054.4.U6 F56 2006

Martin, Steve. Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life. PN2287.M522 A3 2008 (Popular Literature Collection)

Moore, Roger. My Word Is My Bond: A Memoir. PN2598.M62 A3 2008

Noor, Queen. Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life. DS154.52.N87 A3 2003

Townshend, Pete. Who I Am: A Memoir. ML410.T69 A3 2012

Walters, Barbara. Audition: A Memoir. PN4874.W285 A3 2009 (Popular Literature Collection)

Coming of Age Memoirs

Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. PS3551.N464 Z466 1997

Asante, M.K. Buck: A Memoir. PS3601.S26 Z46 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Barrington, Judith. Lifesaving: A Memoir. PS3552.A73647 Z466 2000 (Popular Literature Collection)

Beard, Jo Ann. The Boys of My Youth. CT275.B5394 A3 1998

Birkerts, Sven. My Sky Blue Trades: Growing Up Counter in a Contrary Time. PE64.B57 A3 2002

Cantwell, Mary. Manhattan, When I Was Young. F128.54.C36 A3 1995

Davis, Lennard J. My Sense of Silence: Memoirs of a Childhood With Deafness. HQ759.912 .D38 2000

Dillard, Annie. An American Childhood. PS3554.I398 Z464 1987

Fisher, Antwone Quenton. Finding Fish: A Memoir. F499.C69 N33 2001 (Popular Literature Collection)

Fletcher, Harrison Candelaria. Descanso for My Father: Fragments of a Life. PS3606.L4767 D47 2012 (Popular Literature Collection)

Flynn, Nick. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City: A Memoir. PS3556.L894 Z464 2004

Gingher, Marianne. A Girl's Life: Horses, Boys, Weddings & Luck. HQ1229.G55 G56 2001

Grealy, Lucy. Autobiography of a Face. RD661.G74 A3 2003 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hall, Meredith. Without a Map: A Memoir. PS3608.A5474 Z46 2007 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hanel, Rachael. We'll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down: Memoir of a Gravedigger's Daughter. PS3608.A71425 Z46 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Heaney, Katie. Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date. HQ801.H425 2014 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hornbacher, Marya. Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia. RC552.A5 H67 2006 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hynes, Samuel Lynn. The Growing Seasons: An American Boyhood Before the War. E748.H97 A3 2003

Johnson, Joyce. Minor Characters. PS3560.O3795 Z47 1983

Karr, Mary. Cherry: A Memoir. PS3561.A6929 Z465 2000

Karr, Mary. The Liars' Club: A Memoir. PS3561.A6929 Z468 1995 (Popular Literature Collection)

Kimmel, Haven. A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana. F534.M675 K56 2001 (Popular Literature Collection)

Martin, Lee. Such a Life. PS3563.A724927 Z46 2012 (Popular Literature Collection)

Matthews, David. Ace of Spades: A Memoir. E184.A1 M32 2007

McClanahan, Scott. Crapalachia: A Biography of a Place. PS3613.C3573 C73 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Miller, Ben. River Bend Chronicle: The Junkification of a Boyhood Idyll Amid the Curious Glory of Urban Iowa. PS3613.I53248 Z46 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Moore, Judith. Fat Girl: A True Story. RC552.O25 M66 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Moore, Susanna. I Myself Have Seen It: The Myth of Hawaii. PS3563.O667 Z465 2003

Murray, Liz. Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard. HV4506.N6 M96 2010

Peterson, Peter G. The Education of an American Dreamer: How a Son of Greek Immigrants Learned His Way From a Nebraska Diner to Washington, Wall Street, and Beyond. CT275.P58544 A3 2009

Rhodes, Richard. A Hole in the World: An American Boyhood. F474.K253 R56 1990

Rich, Frank. Ghost Light: A Memoir. PN1708.R53 A3 2000

Ruta, Domenica. With or Without You: A Memoir. HV5831.M4 R88 2013

Sanghera, Sathnam. If You Don't Know Me by Now: A Memoir of Love, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton. DA125.S57 S36 2008

Schrand, Brandon R. Works Cited: An Alphabetical Odyssey of Mayhem and Misbehavior. PS3619.C4618 W67 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Shephard, Adam. Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream. HC110.P6 S465 2010

Shteyngart, Gary. Little Failure: A Memoir. PS3619.H79 Z46 2014 (Popular Literature Collection)

Simon, Rachel. Riding the Bus With My Sister: A True Life Journey. PS3569.I4845 Z473 2003 (Popular Literature Collection)

Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone. Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir. PS3569.M537736 Z465 2006

Smith, Patti. Just Kids. ML420.S672 S65 2010 (Popular Literature Collection)

Smith, Peter. A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors. PN1991.4.S54 A3 2001 (Popular Literature Collection

Solotaroff, Ted. Truth Comes in Blows: A Memoir. PN149.9.S66 A3 1998

Summer, Lauralee. Learning Joy From Dogs Without Collars: A Memoir. HV4505 .S86 2004 (Popular Literature Collection)

Tammet, Daniel. Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant: A Memoir. RC553.A88 T36 2007b (Popular Literature Collection)

Villaseñor, Victor. Thirteen Senses: A Memoir. PS3572.I384 Z474 2001

Walls, Jeannette. The Glass Castle: A Memoir. HV5132 .W35 2006 (Popular Literature Collection)

Witchel, Alex. Girls Only. PN4872.W57 A3 1996

Wolff, Mishna. I'm Down: A Memoir. PN2287.W55 A3 2009

Wolff, Tobias. This Boy's Life: A Memoir. PS3573.O558 Z477 1999

Zailckes, Koren. Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood. HV5293.Z35 A3 2006 (Popular Literature Collection)

Cultural/Social/Racial Issue Memoirs

Agosín, Marjorie. Of Earth and Sea: A Chilean Memoir. F3101.A38 A3 2009

Ahmed, Leila. A Border Passage: From Cairo to America - A Woman's Journey. HQ1793.Z75 A55 1999

Al-Maria, Sophia. The Girl Who Fell to Earth: A Memoir. PN1998.3.A4365 A3 2012 (Popular Literature Collection)

Beah, Ishmael. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. DT516.828.B43 A3 2007

Cary, Lorene. Black Ice. F44.C7 C35 1991

Checkoway, Julie. Little Sister: Searching for the Shadow World of Chinese Women: A Memoir. HQ1767 .C437 1996

Chin, Frank. Bulletproof Buddhists and Other Essays. E184.C5 C473 1998

Cully, Travis Hugh. A Comedy & A Tragedy. BF456.R2 C85 2015

Deng, Alephonsion. They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys From Sudan. DT157.63 .D46 2005

Dumas, Firoozeh. Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America. E184.I5 D86 2006 (Popular Literature Collection)

Evans, Karin. The Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past. HV1317 .E93 2001

Farman-Farmaian, Sattareh. Daughter of Persia: A Woman's Journey From Her Father's Harem Through the Islamic Revolution. CT1888.F37 A3 1992

Ferguson, Kathryn. The Haunting of the Mexican Border. F787.F45 2015

Gates, Henry Louis. Colored People: A Memoir. PS29.G28 A3 1994

Hirsi Ali, Ayaan. Infidel. DJ292.H57 A3 2007

Hodges, John O. Delta Fragments: The Recollections of a Sharecropper's Son. F347.M6 H64 2013

Hooks, Bell. Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood. E185.97.H77 A3 1996

Jefferson, Margo. Negroland: A Memoir. F548.9.N4 J44 2015

Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen. This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President. DT636.53.J64 A3 2009

Kingston, Maxine Hong. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. CT275.K5764 A33 1977

Koker, David. At the Edge of the Abyss: A Concentration Camp Diary, 1943-1944. D811.K573513 2012

Latifa. My Forbidden Face: Growing Up Under the Taliban: A Young Woman's Story. HQ1735.6 .L37 2003 (Popular Literature Collection)

Lei-Lanilau, Carolyn. Ono Ono Girl's Hula. E184.C5 L55 1997

Liu, Eric. The Accidental Asian: Notes of a Native Speaker. E184.C5 L62 1998

Maathai, Wangari. Unbowed: A Memoir. SB63.M22 A3 2006

Mah, Adeline Yen. Falling leaves: A True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter. CT275.M45115 A3 1998

McBride, James. The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother. F128.9.N4 M328 2006

McCall, Nathan. Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America. E185.97.M12 A3 1994

Menchu, Rigoberta. I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala. F1465.2.Q5 M3813 1984

Moaveni, Azadeh. Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing up Iranian in America and American in Iran. E184.I5 M63 2005

Nafisi, Azar. Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books. PE64.N34 A3 2004

Ngu~gi~ wa Thiong'o. Dreams in a Time of War: A Childhood Memoir. PR9381.9.N45 Z469 2010

Obama, Barack. Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. E185.97.O23 A3 1995

O'Faolain, Nuala. Are You Somebody: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman. PN5146.O39 A3 1998

Ojito, Mirta A. Finding Manana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus. E184.C97 O45 2005

Orfalea, Gregory. Angeleno Days: An Arab American Writer on Family, Place, and Politics. PS3565.R427 Z46 2009

Parks, Gordon. A Choice of Weapons. PS3566.A73 C5

Pazira, Nelofer. A Bed of Red Flowers: In Search of My Afghanistan. DS371.2 .P42 2005

Penn, W.S. All My Sins Are Relatives. E99.N5 P467 1995

Peralta, Dan-el Padilla. Undocumented: A Dominican Boy's Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League. JV6456 .P33 2015

Pham, Andrew. Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam. E184.V53 P455 1999

Prince, Mary. The History of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave/Related by Herself. HT869.P6 A3 1997

Santiago, Esmeralda. When I Was Puerto Rican: [A Memoir]. F128.9.P85 S27 2003 (Popular Literature Collection)

Shah, Saira. The Storyteller's Daughter. PN5123.S43 A3 2003

Tucker, Neely. Love in the Driest Season: A Family Memoir. HV875.5 .T83 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Turner, Sugar. Sugar's Life in the Hood: The Story of a Former Welfare Mother. E185.97.T98 A3 2002

Tweedy, Damon. Black Man in a White Coat. R154.T84 A3 2015

Ung, Loung. First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. DS554.8 .U54 2007 (Popular Literature Collection)

Weiss, Helga. Helga's Diary: A Young Girl's Account of Life in a Concentration Camp. DS135.C97 W46913 2013

Yasgur, Batya Swift. Behind the Burqa: Our Life in Afghanistan and How We Escaped to Freedom. DS371.3 .Y37 2002

Zaif, Abdul Salam. My Life With the Taliban. DS371.33.Z34 A3 2010

Gang Life Memoirs

Rodriguez, Art. East Side Dreams. HV6439.U52 S37 1999 (Popular Literature Collection)

Rodriguez, Luis J. Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. HV6439.U7 L77 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Rodriguez, Luis J. It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing. PS3568.O34879 Z46 2011

Williams, Stanley Tookie. Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir. HV6439.U7 L7885 2007

Graphic Novel Memoirs

Bashi, Parsua. Nylon Road: A Graphic Memoir of Coming of Age in Iran. PN6790.I69 B3713 2009 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Bechdel, Alison. Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama. PN6727.B3757 Z46 2012 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Bechdel, Alison. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. PN6727.B3757 Z46 2007 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Chast, Roz. Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?. NC1429.C525 A2 2014 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Drescher, Henrik. China Days: A Visual Journal From China's Wild West. PS3554.R415 C45 2014 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Georges, Nicole J. Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir. PN6727.G466 C35 2013 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Katin, Miriam. We Are on Our Own: A Memoir. DS135.H93 K38 2006 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Leavitt, Sarah. Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer's, My Mother and Me. RC523.2.L42 2010 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis. PN6747.S245 P4713 2003 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return. PN6747.S245 P4913 2004 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Small, David. Stitches: A Memoir. PN6727.S54465 S75 2010 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Tatsumi, Yoshihiro. A Drifting Life. PN6790.J33 T38 2009 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Torres, Alissa. American Widow. HV6432.7.T67 2008 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Uslan, Michael E. The Boy Who Loved Batman: A Memoir. PN1998.3.U85 A3 2011 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Yang, Belle. Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale. PS3757.A53 Z46 2010 (Graphic Novels Collection)

Modern-Day Pioneer Memoirs

Borland, Hal. High, Wide and Lonesome. PS3503.O563 Z5

Collier, Eric. Three Against the Wilderness. F1087.C79 A3

Doig, Ivan. This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind. F737.M4 D643 1999 (Popular Literature Collection)

Kalish, Mildred Armstrong. Little Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression. F627.B4 K35 2008 (Popular Literature Collection)

Murie, Margaret E. Two in the Far North. F909.M94

O'Connor, Jack. Horse and Buggy West: A Boyhood on the Last Frontier. PS3565.C58 Z5

Stegner, Wallace. Wolf Willow: A History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier. F1071.S7

Sports Memoirs

Agovino, Michael J. The Soccer Diaries: An American's Thirty-Year Pursuit of the International Game. GV942.5.A43 2014

Berkow, Ira. To the Hoop: The Seasons of a Basketball Life. GV742.42.B47 A3 1997

Campanella, Ray. It's Good to Be Alive. GV865.C3 A3

Chastain, Brandi. It's Not About the Bra. GV942.7.C31 2004

Chipperfield, Jimmy. My Wild Life. GV1811.C49 A34 1976

Cox, Lynne. Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer. GV838 .C69 A3 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Dungy, Tony. Quiet Strength: A Memoir. BR1725.D738 A3 2007 (Popular Literature Collection)

Fatsis, Stefan. A Few Seconds of Panic: A Sportswriter Plays in the NFL. GV742.42.F565 A3 2009 (Popular Literature Collection)

Hamilton, Suzy Favor. Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness.GV1061.15.F39 A3 2015

Hanna, S.S. Beyond Winning: Memoir of a Women's Soccer Coach. GV942.7.H33 A3 1996

Hornby, Nick. Fever Pitch. GV943.2 .H67 1998 (Popular Literature Collection)

Ibrahimovic, Zlatan, with David Lagercrantz. I Am Zlatan: My Story On and Off the Field. GV942.7.I27 A3 2014 (Popular Literature Collection)

Irving, John. The Imaginary Girlfriend: A Memoir. PS3559.R8 I43 2002 (Popular Literature Collection)

King, Melissa. She's Got Next: A Story of Getting In, Staying Open, and Taking a Shot. GV885.4 .K56 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Kirkland, Gelsey. Dancing on My Grave: An Autobiography. GV1785.K49 A3 1986

McEnroe, John. You Cannot Be Serious. GV994 .M34 2002

Meggyesy, Dave. Out of Their League. GV939.M4 M3 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Mills, George R. A View from the Bench: The Story of an Ordinary Player on a Big-Time Football Team. GV939.M54 A3 2004 (Popular Literature Collection)

Plimpton, George. Paper Lion. GV939.P6 A3

Ritter, Lawrence S. The Glory of Their Times: The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It. GV865.A1 G56 1992

Robinson, Eddie. Lucky Me: My Sixty-Five Years in Baseball. GV865.R587 R6 2011

Rossignol, Jim. This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities. GV1469.34.S52 R67 2009

Rushin, Steve. Road Swing. GV742.42.R87 A3 1999 (Popular Literature Collection)

Stringer, C. Vivian. Standing Tall: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph. GV884.S765 A3 2009 (Popular Literature Collection)

Switzer, Kathrine. Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports. GV1061.15.S95 A3 2009 (Popular Literature Collection)

Vecsey, George. A Year in the Sun: The Games, the Players, the Pleasure of Sports. GV742.42.V43 A3 1989

Wideman, John Edgar. Hoop Roots. PS3573.I26 Z467 2001

Other Memoirs

Addario, Lynsey. It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War. TR140.A265 A3 2015

Adam, David. The Man Who Couldn't Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought. RC533.A273 2015

Bartok, Mira. The Memory Palace. RC464.H47 2011

Berry, Anna. Unhinged: A Memoir of Enduring, Surviving, and Overcoming Family Mental Illness. RC464.B49 2014

Bordier, Anais, and Samantha Futerman. Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited. HV874.8.B67 2014

Borich, Barrie Jean. Body Geographic. PS3552.O7529 Z46 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Browning, Dominique. Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas & Found Happiness. BF575.H27 B765 2010

Bydlowska, Jowita. Drunk Mom: A Memoir. HV5307.B94 A3 2013

Cardella, Avis. Spent: Memoirs of a Shopping Addict. RC569.5.S56 C37 2010

Carr, Pat. One Page at a Time: On a Writing Life. PS3553.A7633 Z46 2010

Christensen, Alicia, ed. American Lives: A Reader. CT211 .A478 2010

Cisneros, Sandra. A House of My Own. PS3553.I78 Z46 2015

Clegg, Bill. Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: A Memoir. HV5805.C595 A3 2010

Cohen, Cole. Head Case: My Brain and Other Wonders. RC395.C57 2015

Corrigan, Kelly. The Middle Place. RC280.B8 C652 2009

Didion, Joan. Blue Nights. PS3554.I33 Z46 2011

Donohue, Timothy. In the Open: Diary of a Homeless Alcoholic. HV5293.D65 A3 1996

Doty, Mark. Dog Years: A Memoir. PS3554.O798 Z46 2007

Downs, Paul. Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business. HD8039.C152 U63 2015

Ephron, Nora. I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman. PS3555.P5 I23 2006

Fante, Dan. Fante: A Family's Legacy of Writing, Drinking and Surviving. PS3556.A545 Z46 2011 (Popular Literature Collection)

Fershleiser, Rachel, and Smith, Larry. Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. CT105 .N68 2008 (Popular Literature Collection)

Fisher, M.F.K. The Art of Eating. TX633 .F515 2004

Fitzpatrick, David. Sharp: A Memoir. RC569.5.S48 F58 2012

Frazier, Ian. Family. CT274.F75 F73 2002

Fuller, Alexandra. Leaving Before the Rains Come. CT3150.F85 A3 2015

Gazzaniga, Michael S. Tales From Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience. QP353.4.G39 A3 2015

Gill, Michael. How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else. CT275.G4163 A3 2008; CT275.G4163 A3 2008 c.2 (Popular Literature Collection)

Gordon, Mary. Circling My Mother. PS3557.O669 Z46 2007

Guehenno, Jean. Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944: Collaboration, Resistance, and Daily Life in Occupied Paris. PQ2613.U187 Z46 2014

Hadfield, Chris. An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. TL789.85.H33 A3 2013

Hamill, Pete. A Drinking Life: A Memoir. PS3558.A423 Z463 1994

Harrison, Jim. Off to the Side: A Memoir. PS3558.A67 Z465 2002

Harvey, Steven, ed. In a Dark Wood: Personal Essays by Men on Middle Age. HQ1090 .I5 1996

Heller, Joseph. Now and Then: From Coney Island to Here. PS3558.E476 Z468 1998

Hentoff, Nat. Speaking Freely: A Memoir. PS3558.E575 Z476 1997

Higashida, Naoki. The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy With Autism. RC553.A88 H5313 2013

Hoagland, Edward. Compass Points: How I Lived. PS3558.O334 Z465 2001

Hoagland, Edward. Sex and the River Styx. PS3558.O334 Z467 2011 (Popular Literature Collection>

Ilgunas, Ken. Walden on Wheels: On the Open Road From Debt to Freedom. GV1021.I44 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Janzen, Rhoda. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home. PS3610.A59 Z75 2009

Karr, Mary. Lit: A Memoir. PS3561.A6929 Z4683 2009

Kellogg, Matt and Jillian Quint, eds. Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers. PS689.T87 2006 (Popular Literature Collection)

Kerman, Piper. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison. HV9474.F66 K47 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Klaus, Carl H. The Made-Up Self: Impersonation in the Personal Essay. PN4500.K59 2010

Kundera, Milan. The Festival of Insignificance PQ2671.U47 F4813 2015

Kupperman, Kim Dana. I Just Lately Started Buying Wings: Missives from the Other Side of Silence. PS689.K877 2010 (Popular Literature Collection).

Lamar, Jay, and Jeanie Thompson. The Remembered Gate: Memoirs by Alabama Writers. PS266.A5 R46 2002

Lazar, David, ed. Truth in Nonfiction: Essays. CT25.T785 2008

Lindhout, Amanda and Sara Corbett. A House in the Sky. PN4913.L495 A3 2013 (Popular Literature Collection

McBee, Thomas Page. Man Alive: A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man. HQ77.8.M385 A3 2014

McCourt, Frank. Angela's Ashes. E184.I6 M117 1996

McCourt, Frank. Teacher Man: A Memoir. LA2317.M36 A3 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Miller, Sue. The Story of My Father: A Memoir. PS3563.I421444 Z475 2003

Norris, Kathleen. Dakota: A Spiritual Geography. F656.2 .N66 1993b

Orange, Michelle. This Is Running for Your Life: Essays. PS3615.R28 T47 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Padover, Saul Kussiel. Confessions and Self-Portraits: 4600 Years of Autobiography. CT101 .P3

Payne, David. Barefoot to Avalon: A Brother's Story. PS3566.A9366 Z47 2015

Perkins, John. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. UB271.U52 P47 2004

Poizner, Steve. Mount Pleasant: My Journey From Creating a Billion-Dollar Company to Teaching at a Struggling Public High School. F866.4.P65 A3 2010

Ricketts, Angela. No Man's War: Irreverent Confessions of an Infantry Wife. U766.R53 2014

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Stein, Deborah Jiang. Prison Baby: A Memoir. HV9468.S748 A3 2014

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Tan, Amy. The Opposite of Fate: Memories of a Writing Life. PS3570.A48 Z47 2004 (Popular Literature Collection)

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Vonnegut, Mark, M.D. Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So: A Memoir. RJ43.V66 A3 2010

Ward, Jesmyn. Men We Reaped: A Memoir. PS3623.A7323 Z46 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Wearing, Alison. Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter: Growing Up With a Gay Dad. HQ777.8.W43 2013 (Popular Literature Collection)

Williams, Kayla. Love My Rifle More Than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army. U53.W61752 A3 2005 (Popular Literature Collection)

Books About Memoir Writing

Couser, G. Thomas. Memoir: An Introduction. CT25.C695 2012

Selected Web Sites

Nine Reasons To Read Memoirs - an essay on why reading memoirs is important.

How to Write a Memoir - an article by William Zinsser from the journal The American Scholar, Spring 2006.

Six-Word Memoirs - submit your own six-word memoir.

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