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HUM 282: Memoir Writing Assignment

Finding Resources for the Year You Were Born

The 1990s - a book in the Library's collection on popular culture in the 1990s.

The People's Chronology: A Year-by-Year Record of Human Events From Prehistory to the Present - click the link on the page and enter in your year of birth.

Encyclopedia Britannica Year in Review - scroll down until you find the year of your birth and read about one of many areas listed, such as diasters, education, transportation, literature, etc.

China-Profile Timeline - search by decade.

Historical New York Times - you can see every page of the daily New York Times back to 1851. Search by specific date and Page A1 to browse through every page of specific issues.

BBC On This Day - explore world events in a particular year.

On This Day in History - see what happened on different days in history.

The People History - news, events, popular culture by year.

What Happened in My Birth Year? - type in your year of birth.

Beloit Mindset Lists - find your anticipated year of college graduation on the lists to discover what students do and don't know about the world.

Millennials in Adulthood - report from the Pew Research Center on Social and Demographic Trends

How Millennial Are You? - take the quiz to determine if you have values typically associated with Millennials.

Generation Z - generalizations about people born in 1996 or later; do these descriptions fit you?

The First Generation of the Twenty-First Century - report on the Pluralist Generation or Generation Z.

You may also use Google to search for "year in review," adding your birth year to the search. Also try "Time Magazine year in review" plus your birth year.

Help With Citations

NoodleTools - Set up an account and use this tool to help you write your Works Cited page.

More Citation Help

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Research Tips

These Research Guides have been prepared by librarians to assist with your research. Read more:

Evaluating Web Resources

Critically Analyzing Information Sources

Searching Electronic Resources Effectively

For more information on citation style, see:

Citing Your Research

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