Monday Speaker Series

All events are held in Russell Center from 7 to 8 pm.

Spring 2015

Dr. Christopher Gardner, Stanford UniversityFebruary 23

Dr. Christopher Gardner, Stanford University

Dr. Christopher Gardner is Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. His research explores motivators other than health for making positive dietary changes, such as animal welfare, climate change, social justice, and their relationships to food, and a food systems approach to dietary improvements that addresses the quality of food provided by schools, hospitals, worksites, food banks and other institutional food settings.


Dr. Marcela García-Castañon, San Francisco State UniversityMarch 2

Dr. Marcela García-Castañon, San Francisco State University

Dr. Marcela García-Castañon is Assistant Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. Her research agenda analyzes notions of membership and citizenship development within immigrant communities and their connection to political and civic engagement.


Dr. James Lai, Santa Clara UniversityApril 13

Dr. James Lai, Santa Clara University

Dr. James S. Lai is Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Ethnic Studies Department at Santa Clara University. His 2011 book, Asian American Political Action: Suburban Transformations, examines the demographic shifts and the rise of Asian American political incorporation in small to medium size suburbs throughout the continental United States.