Neil Marshall, Ph.D.



The pleasure in teaching at Menlo College is having students with a diversity backgrounds, experiences, and professional goals, who have not lost their curiosity; I endeavor to provide an environment where they are free to question, and discuss, in a free atmosphere of inquiry, and all the while learn a bit of science.”
Neil Marshall, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Office: 650.543.3946

Education Background

  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles,
  • M.S., San Diego State University,
  • B.S., San Diego State University,



As a scientist, Dr. Marshall views involvement with academic endeavors, both in a teaching and research context, as a matter of pleasure, privilege, and responsibility. Marshall believes the pleasure derives from thinking and doing science, and imparting that knowledge and experience to others. The privilege is being a part of a system of thought with a rich historical fabric of personalities and events. The responsibility lies in in his duty to teach others. To some, these considerations may seem challenging, but Marshall derive a great deal of satisfaction from any scientific endeavor.

Professional Activities

Courses Taught
  • Biotechnology and Society
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Human Biology
  • General Biology
  • California Environment and Society
Selected Publications
  • Paddock, C., J. McKerrow, E. Hansell, K. Foreman, I. Hsieh & N. Marshall. Identification, cloning, and recombinant expression of procalin, a major allergen from Triatoma protracta (Heteroptera:Reduviidae). J. Immunol. 2001 167:2694-2699.
  • Deneris, J. & N. Marshall. Biological characterization of a strain of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas) isolated from a human case of trypanosomiasis in California. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 1989 41:422-428
  • Chapman, M.D., N.A. Marshall & A. Saxon. Identification and partial purification of species-specific allergens from Triatoma protracta (Heteroptera:Reduviidae) J. Allergy Clinical Immunol. 1986 78:436-442.