Real Estate Faculty

Professor Justman challenges his students to think about current problems, present a solution, and persuasively support their solution with select, salient facts. Thinking and acting are not separate functions in the competitive brain. The competitive edge is sharpened not by thinking and then acting but by acting and thinking at the same instant.

Meet Our Faculty

Harold Justman J.D.

Adjunct Professor
Professor Justman’s class motto is: Think outside the book. This motto challenges the student to explore problems that have no clear, present answer. Textbooks contain scripted problems where the answer can be known, learned and repeated on a final exam. Business problems encountered outside of Academia often have no clear answer.


Dima Leshchinskii Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance
After receiving his degree in applied mathematics, Dr. Leshchinskii worked at various academic research institutions, starting with physics and later using similar concepts in finance. In addition to teaching at various business schools in Europe and U.S., he spent several years as a professional consultant, applying his valuation expertise to court litigation cases and investment portfolio planning.