Our Philosophy

Knowledge, Experience, Expertise and Self-Direction: Paths to Helping

Psychology helps us better understand ourselves and those around us. As a psychology major at Menlo, you will learn the theoretical side of psychology as well as the practical side, applying psychology to daily life, integrating psychology and business, and making connections between physical science and psychology.

Most of our psychology majors start out with the simple desire to help people. The Psychology faculty nurture that desire while providing a strong general psychology foundation. In our program you will work closely with your professors to explore psychology topics that interest you and try out career possibilities in volunteer and internship experiences.

The Individual, In Context

In core courses of the psychology major, we study the individual. To put the individual in context, we emphasize the complete human experience and encourage you to take electives in philosophy, biology, literature, the arts and the humanities.

Senior Thesis: Capstone and Launch Pad

The capstone of our program, the senior thesis, sets Menlo students apart from typical psychology undergraduates. In your senior year, you will spend a semester reading and analyzing the research literature on a topic of your choice. In essence, you will become an expert in what has been studied and learned on that topic.

The annual presentation of seniors’ completed papers is the college’s largest academic presentation – usually a standing-room-only crowd. Past topics include personal wellness, child and adolescent development, virtual reality and social media. Some students go on to present their papers at professional conferences. Our alumni frequently mention the impact their senior thesis had on their success in graduate school and careers.

Breadth, Depth and Options

Your coursework will give you enough breadth of knowledge to pursue a variety of career options; your senior thesis will give you the depth that graduate schools value. Our graduates find jobs in teaching, coaching, sales, human resources and direct services, enroll in law schools like Harvard and Pepperdine or earn doctoral degrees in clinical psychology.

With both depth and breadth, you will be ready to pursue whatever path you choose – or to change your mind and go in a different direction.

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