Ebony Issac ’12 – Stepping Up

Entering college, Ebony Isaac didn’t have a specific career in mind, “but I did know I wanted to help people.” She took an interest in psychology for this exact reason, and her experience at Menlo reinforced this. “The professors at Menlo challenge and push you beyond what you think you can accomplish,” she says, “and it was what I was looking for when coming to Menlo.”

From the Classroom to the Job

Ebony’s coursework and experience here at Menlo has prepared her for the future. Ebony is currently working at East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring (EPATT), a local program located on the Stanford University campus. EPATT is nonprofit, academic tutoring and tennis instruction program, that serves over 100 youth. Ebony’s serves as both a tutor coordinator and both at EPATT and a similar program called JustREAD, which teaches young children the basics of reading.

Ebony, a former participant in the EPATT program, says “I wanted to help others like me who came from low-income families and didn’t have the academic support.” Another factor which helped her decide on her internship was Dr. Hager’s Learning and Cognition Course at Menlo. She says, “Dr. Hager’s course pushed me to decide that I wanted to help others academically and help them overcome their problems.”

Small School, Big Opportunities 

Ebony first arrived at Menlo as a transfer student. “I was not satisfied at my previous college; I was looking for a college where I felt comfortable.” Menlo gave Ebony everything she was looking for and more.  The friendly and helpful environment at Menlo provided the personal connection she longed for. Menlo also challenged her. “Menlo pushed me to a level I couldn’t have reached anywhere else,” she says.

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