Official Withdrawal

Refunds are determined by the date of the official withdrawal. If a student stops attending class but fails to withdraw in writing through the Dean of the PSP, the student will be assessed for the entire cost of the course.

Course Withdrawal / Refund Policy

Students register for courses with the understanding that they will remain enrolled for the entire course unless they voluntarily withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from the College.

A student who voluntarily withdraws or who is administratively withdrawn from the College may be eligible for a tuition refund; any assessed fees are non-refundable. To officially withdraw from a course, the student must submit to the Dean a written statement of withdrawal from the course. The date on which the Dean receives this statement is the date used in calculation of the refund according to the following timetable:

  • 100 percent for official withdrawal up to and including seven days before the 8 week session begins. PSP students who drop a class after this deadline will be assessed a $200 fee per class.
  • 75 percent refund for official withdrawal up to and including the Friday prior to the second class meeting.
  • 50 percent refund for official withdrawal up to and including the Friday prior to the third class meeting.
  • 25 percent refund for official withdrawal up to and including the Friday prior to the fourth class meeting.
  • No refund for official withdrawal after the fourth class meeting.

Please consult the Professional Studies Program calendar for further information.


Curriculum Requirement

Students must complete the graduation requirements as stated in the catalog for the year of admission. If a student withdraws and is later readmitted, the requirements prevailing at the time of readmission must be met.

Readmission Application Procedures

Any student who was previously enrolled in the Professional Studies Program, has not been enrolled for one semester or more, and has not been approved for a leave of absence, must complete the readmission process.

Leave of Absence

Any student who is in good standing is eligible to apply for a Leave of Absence should circumstances require a temporary absence from the College. The Leave of Absence allows a student to return to the Professional Studies Program under his or her original degree requirements insofar as these courses are still being offered. If this is no longer the case, the student will be provided with degree completion requirements consistent with current program requirements. Students are not guaranteed placement with their original learning group.

In order to be eligible for a leave, the student must have completed at least once course (three units) with a grade of "C" or better, must intend to return to the program within one calendar year, and must have completed the appropriate paperwork for a leave. If a student requests a leave while currently enrolled in a semester, the current semester will be counted toward the period of leave.

Concurrent Enrollment

A matriculated Professional Studies student who wishes to register at another institution concurrently must have the approval of the Professional Studies Academic Advisor prior to enrollment at the other institution. Menlo College is under no obligation to accept work from another institution unless the student has obtained this approval.

Course Syllabi

College policy requires that all instructors provide a syllabus to each student prior to the start of a course.


Students are eligible to participate in Commencement if they complete all degree requirements by the end of the spring semester of the year they intend to graduate. Students unable to meet the above requirements but who are within six (6) units of these requirements may petition to participate in Commencement. Petitions must demonstrate a plan to complete all degree requirements by December of the same year.

Honor Societies

Professional Studies Program students who meet the eligibility criteria for Alpha Chi and/or Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies will be invited to join one or both of these organizations.

Special Status

A student is eligible for "special status" if the student is enrolling in courses on a limited basis without pursuing a degree. A simplified admission procedure is provided for such students. Examples of situations that might qualify a student for special status include a student wishing to pursue a certificate or a student wishing to take units at Menlo College for transfer to another institution. Please contact the PSP Dean for further information.

Grading Disputes

The first step in the process is for the student to discuss his/her concern with the instructor. Should the student remain dissatisfied, the student should proceed with the appropriate process. Contact the PSP Office for more information.


Professional Studies Program students and day students enrolled in PSP classes are expected to attend all scheduled meetings of the course for which they are registered. Any student who anticipates missing a class session must inform the instructor prior to the class by phone or email. When a student is forced to miss a class session due to personal or professional obligations, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to obtain work from the missed session, as well as any assignments for the following class. Students missing two class sessions are obligated to meet with their instructor to determine if they should continue or withdraw from the class. Any student missing three sessions (including scheduled athletic contests, work-related events and medical issues) will automatically be withdrawn from the course and will forfeit any tuition refund.