Samantha Tongo ’13 – Stepping Up

Entering Menlo College, Samantha Tongo was unsure about where her career would take her, but she did know she wanted a business degree. Since she came from the Philippines, International Management seemed like a good choice. However, as she took classes such as Consumer Behavior and Strategic Marketing Management, the pull towards the creative side of marketing made her decide to change her major to Marketing.

Leadership on Campus

Over the past three years, Samantha has participated fully in campus activities, including being an Ambassador for Enrollment Management, a Peer Tutor in the Tutor Lab and the Writing Center, and a Peer Advisor in Career Services. Each experience has honed her communication skills.  She is also an active participant in our Photography Club.

From the Classroom to the Job

Samantha’s love of art and film and her growing knowledge of marketing have led her to an internship with Fresh Takes Media Art Center, a local non-profit organization working with youth. As a Social Media PR intern, Samantha is finding ways to enhance the organization’s online presence. “I love films and editing, so it’s a great fit,” says Samantha. “I’m able to put my marketing and social media knowledge from the classroom into practice. I also am learning more about video editing.”

Small School, Big Opportunities

“I come from an environment where family and support are important for me to succeed. With Menlo College being a small school, I am able to receive focused and personal attention from faculty, other students, and staff. This allows me to learn and grow in my major without worrying about being confused and alone. The great amount of care and support from Menlo's close-knit community helps motivate me to excel in my classes and shapes me to become the best future marketer I can be,” Samantha shared with us.

For more information about internships go to Career Services