Chris Winters ’11 – Using MIS Skills in Local Online Start-up

When greeting Chris on campus he always had a big smile. Now that smile is behind the scenes helping an online start-up, reach customers with delicious food from all over the United States that can be ordered online and delivered directly to your home.

From the Classroom to the Job

Chris took full advantage of the small classes and the learning opportunities while at Menlo College. His classroom experience plus his love of technology made him a great candidate to work on campus as a Student Assistant in our IT department. He worked on projects that allowed him to build up his resume for a job after graduation. After Menlo his first job was at Google working with the Recruiting Department on a database to help track candidates.

However, Chris left Google to follow his passion for food. “I am a geek and self-professed foodie living in Silicon Valley.  The only thing I love more than playing with gadgets is food. Whether it is soul food, Hawaiian fusion, or just a simple late night snack, I love it all. I love searching out new culinary treats and the people who create them. It’s not just the food itself—it’s the stories and people behind it that have led me on a never-ending but delicious sojourn. With nothing but a fork and a laptop I am seeking out that next great bite.”


Small School, Big Opportunities

Menlo College, one of the best business schools in California, provided Chris with the foundation and confidence to move from college to a huge company to a small start-up.


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