Management Alumni

Meet our Alumni

Mike Shai ‘11, Marketing Coordinator in the Strategic Initiatives Division of a government contractor in Colorado Springs, creates graphics, manages the social media outlets, formats large documents, and creates PowerPoint presentations. Having to support a company of almost 800 people, he and his department must wear a lot of hats. To be able to satisfy every personality, he has found that his knowledge regarding emotional intelligence stems from his Organizational Behavior classes. Learning how to accommodate for different personalities has helped him thrive in the company whether collaborating with software engineers, former military professionals, or the CEO of the company.

Jarrod Howe ‘84,  Assistant General Manager, Operations and Business Development.
Human Capital Singapore (HCS) the national CET (Continuing Education and Training) center for Human Resources. Officially opened by the Minister for Manpower, Mr. Gan Kim Yong in April 2009, HCS provides HR Workforce Skills Qualifications (HR WSQ) training for HR professionals, people managers, and corporate leaders. HCS also provides advisory services to help organizations enhance their human capital management as well as career guidance and counseling to individuals to increase their personal effectives.

T. Geir Ramleth ‘87, CIO, Senior VP, Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco. He is also a member of the Menlo College Board of Trustees, and Chair of the Menlo College SBA Advisory Board. His son, Bjorn Ramleth, graduated from Menlo in 2012 with a degree in Finance.